Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The backyard entertaining area is complete!

Just as I promised... now that summer is winding down, I've completed my backyard dining and entertaining area. [And by completed, I mean... done-ish. Of course I have more projects in mind for next year, but I'm thrilled with how far I was able to get this summer.]

Of course, every truly good "after" needs a horrendous "before" to make it feel even better... so just in case you've forgotten... here 'ya go...

After much scrubbing, painting, shopping and completing a few projects our whole family is enjoying this space.

I really did this whole project on a teeny-tiny budget by re-purposing many items:
or by using my shutters to create these...
 using what I already had like pillows,
[Remember when I made this? It's been awhile... check out the tutorial here if you want to make one!]
and finally, by purchasing the decorating details from either garage sales or thrift stores.
Yup... even that potting table is a [super cool] garage sale find! [thanks Wendy ;)]
All-in-all I only purchased 2 pillows and a ceramic pear from actual stores...
Not too bad, huh?! This is what I love about decorating :)
If you missed out and want the DIY scoop on the other  projects made this happen you can check out my painted garage sale chairs...

Or you can read how I transformed those old, forgotten dingy white boxes [as shown in the before image] into planters to add interest and color.

All-in-all, I'm thrilled. And the best part of this entire project is the fact that we've essentially added another room to our home by transforming this space!


  1. Great Job it truly is so pretty and cozy out there. Love it all.

  2. I love the touch of green here and there! Looks crisp, clean and inviting :) Great job! -Bev


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