Monday, June 23, 2014

Patio Project #3: Painting Old Rusty Chairs

Next up on my patio beautification list: revive old rusty & crusty chairs I found at a yard sale last summer.
I was able to purchase these very old, heavy, sturdy metal folding chairs for the low, low price of $1/chair [but they looked awful!].
I used drywall sanding screens [which are similar to sandpaper but made of metal and therefore rougher & tougher] to get the loose rusty bits off. I didn't go for perfectly debris free because I still wanted them to feel aged [plus I would have needed a sandblaster or something!].
Then I used a good quality exterior grade paint and painted them [I wanted to give them a garden chair look, so I selected a fun green color].
Next I took brown paint and dry brushed the seats and backs to add to that aged look I was after...

Lastly, I sanded the entire thing to let the original brown [and rust] come through.
The main thing that made this project not miserable was the fact that I didn't fight the chairs too much. If I wanted them to be perfectly painted and look brand new then I'd still be sanding today... seriously.
I embraced their age and am thrilled with how they turned out!
And do you want to know the little bonus that made me love them even more?  While flipping through my beloved Ballard Design magazine I stumbled upon these green metal folding chairs...
for only $119 a pair.
That's $357 for 6 chairs. I paid $6 + a quart of paint for six chairs...
I'm a happy girl :)


  1. Connie,
    What a wonderful job you did and wow what a savings!!!!! Those chairs even with the rust looked great. Love the green color you painted them with. Very pretty.


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