Monday, June 16, 2014

My Covered patio and deck needed love!

Alright. As promised... here are my patio and deck "before" shots... [sigh].  I've been working away and I'd say I'm about 85% done now. [But I'm showing you now because if I wait until I'm completely done then it'll be fall and you won't be inspired for your own projects because you'll be buying pumpkins and sipping apple cider!!]

Since we moved in last summer this area has been more of an embarrassing open shed than relaxing entertainment area...
My first project had to be [cleaning up the junk and finding a broom] uniting the space with color. This area felt really random [trashy] because the covered patio area was stained in a dark color, while the attached deck was more of a burnt orange-ish shade and then the recently added front fence had been left all together unstained... so lovely.

And here's where I'm at currently. Just staining it all the dark coffee bean color made a HUGE difference [as did the broom and removal of junk...].
One big improvement came via our ugly worn white wooden planters that had been stuck just behind the unstained fence [shown in before pictures]. I pulled them out to create a little more privacy and add a little more curb appeal. Staining them the color of the deck helped tie them to it and become an extension of the area.  Then adding scrolling iron wall décor to the front helped make them not boring :) Now we have a pretty little entrance to our matching [and junk free] deck and patio.

Well, that's it for this post, but rest assured there is much more... so. many. projects. 

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  1. Love this Connie. It is gorgeous. What a big impact. Very nice.


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