Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly [P]inspiration: Outdoor Ideas

Recently I've decided to tackle our backyard outdoor space: and trust me, it needed tackling [don't worry: my awful, ugly & embarrassing "before" pictures to follow shortly].  I've been hunting for ideas to add interest and color to the space and Pinterest never fails: here are some of my favorites!
Hanging ladder with hanging lanterns: LOVE. This is a great diy project with detailed instructions, check it out if you want to create it in your home.
This giant stenciled floor is so much fun. I am seriously considering doing something similar on the concrete area of our porch: it's perfect!

Outdoor spaces often feel very horizontal, so incorporating vertical elements helps to break up the space and add height. This is a great example of how to add color and texture with plants while moving the eye up.
Here's an adorable idea for that umbrella so many of us have over the table: little hanging tea lights! Cute, cute, cute :)
Again, think vertical: here's a great idea to get your eye moving up the blank wall. These bird cages are perfect, and I love the idea of putting plants inside too.

This is great for several reasons: the curtains create softness, while the framed wooden wall adds interest and privacy: then those candles just add warmth and perfection!

I'm working away on my space, let you know my progress soon! [assuming it ever stops raining!!]

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