Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Make a Hanging Christmas Branch

Christmas is upon us and this is my first DIY idea of the season! Wouldn't this look beautiful hanging over a table or a sideboard or in front of a window, maybe above a door.... oooo, or over a headboard! So many options...

Anyway, here's how you can make one too [ unless you aren't feeling crafty... in that case just come on in to Salvage Savvy and purchase it ;) ] photo DSC04891800x600_zps64ea5929.jpg

Here's what you'll need:
1. A branch.
2. Spray paint or rub n buff [optional]
2. twiggy floral vine
3. ornaments
4. ribbon
5. bird [preferably fake... it's hard to get the real ones to stay just where you want them ;) ]

If you want your branch painted, then use either spray paint or rub n buff for this- I lightly spray painted mine white to look like birch. Natural branches look great too [I guess because God does a pretty good job with nature, doesn't he?!], so just do what makes you happy!

Next you'll want to secure your twiggy stuff on the branch. This is wire-based, so it easily bended to the shape of the branch. I just secured it by wrapping various twigs around the branch.

Next, get out that ribbon and tie it around the branch and twiggy stuff in at least two spots for extra support- leave the strands very long, because these are the ribbons that you'll use to hang it as shown below: I just screw in those little cup hooks to my ceiling at home [this is a drop ceiling so we have special clips]. This branch is light, so as long as you select a light branch you'll be fine.

Now... I prefer to do the rest of the assembly while it's already hanging- that way I can see exactly how each ornament looks [plus I just love going up and down a ladder 800 times...].  
So now start cutting ribbons and hang each ornament to the length that you like. I loop the ribbon and tie it up on top of the branch. Finally, add your bird! Mine had a wire on the bottom, so I wrapped him to the branch, but if yours doesn't then I suppose you'll want to hot glue him on.
 photo fbbf9756-e286-4149-b40f-92c0bc06e61a_zps63348a5d.jpg

And that's it! Instant festivity for any room...

 photo 3e5b6359-ffde-412c-a21c-816db75dec71_zpsc0831f62.jpg

Friday, November 22, 2013

What I'm Workin' On: Painting the Dining Room

The next room to be tackled on my "to-do" list is our dining room. I love this room. It has high ceilings, beautiful moldings and trim and great natural light.

Here are a couple before photos...
Other than moving in our furniture and leaning artwork against the walls we've done nothing to this space until now... I haven't even touched the existing window treatments... can you believe it?! [me either]

The room has these beautiful old French doors too, but the previous owners "beefed up" the trim work at some point. I think it's really pretty and they did a nice job, but I have been busting to get it all painted the same color!
So, I've been painting and painting and painting lately [did I mention all that beautiful trim work... yea, well- it's so. not. fun. to paint!].  The trim went from cream to white and I painted the walls in Oatlands Subtle Taupe. I love this color because it's a perfect greige paint color.
Ok, so here are a few photos of the walls and trim now...
Doesn't it feel so much better?! Paint is AMAZING stuff people!! And the trim above the door makes me really happy now too.
And this little corner of the room is my inspiration spot. This is how design starts for me: I have a few pieces that make me happy and then I build from there.
So that's what I've been up to!
Right now I'm fiddling with window treatments... Oh how I hope to get a post up about them soon, because that means I figured it out ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

My new perspective

You know what I've been really, really bad at doing lately?
Keeping you all [my fine, fine readers whom I adore and appreciate] in the loop with all of my projects.
You know why? Because I've been waiting for the "big reveal" moments in my home. But here's the thing:
Since moving my entire house is on my to do list; therefore, I keep getting rooms to "good enough" and then jumping to another room that's driving me nuts.
Here's the thing: there are so many amazing bloggers who seem to be able to create gorgeous, finished, perfect rooms in a weekend [Unfortunately I'm not one of them...].
So here's what I've decided:
I'm not going to try to be them. Instead, I'm going to share my journey, because maybe it's not so different than yours. 
 Decorating any space is a process filled with tons of ideas, multiple decisions [some big and some small] and so very much trial and error... not to mention budgets for heaven's sake!  
My goal is to inspire you as you decorate your home in the midst of living your busy life- because let's face it, sometimes it's all I can do to just keep up with the dirty dishes!
So be ready.
It's a new me and I'm inviting you into my crazy journey with my home and shop [hopefully the destination will look fabulous, but it's not so important when we've enjoyed our time along the way! ]

Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Setting the Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner now, and here are some ideas that will get your table looking beautiful.

Pull out all of your white dishes and candlesticks and those adorable little pumpkins and fall foliage will stand out even more. So pretty.

This bird cage filled with little white pumpkins is too cute! And I love how it sits on a vintage green shutter- what a creative centerpiece.

Simple, clean and elegant. Love the green and white table.


Galvanized buckets, raffia, dried flowers and pumpkins create a really rustic and fun table. So cute and relaxed.

Find a log and drill holes for some tea lights... big points for creativity [just make sure to get all of the dirt off of it before putting it on the table...]
I love this idea because it walks the line between fall and winter: much like Thanksgiving!

More logs and candles: natural elements are always beautiful [and usually pretty darn affordable]!

I hope you have found one or two ideas to inspire as you prepare to set that table for your Thanksgiving feast :)
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