Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Add Warmth & Style to your Bedroom

Looking to add warmth and a lot of style to your bedroom as the weather turns cold? Here are great elements to insert into your room:
*faux fur
*area rugs
* blankets
 And of course you know I have included all kinds of gorgeous photos of these items being used!
Layers. Yes- just like in fashion: when it gets cold layer up! This room is all white and cream- not a particularly warm color palette, but there is so much texture and fuzzy layering going on it feels totally inviting and cozy. I especially like the fluffy rug on top of the jute one- so cute and your feet will thank you too!

Rugs & Faux Fur: Here are a couple more rooms that have gorgeous faux fur area rugs that add a ton of warmth, texture and interest.

Blankets, Texture & More Faux Fur: Of course we all know to add blankets to a bed when it's cold [duuhhh], but I am guilty of throwing on the biggest, ugliest blanket in my house... what if I found a couple really beautiful blankets that actually add color and/or texture and enhance my room?! Here are some great examples of that too:


Velvet: You know how a woman can add pearls to virtually any outfit and she instantly looks just a little more polished? Well, in my opinion that's what a bit of velvet can do for a room. Whether you choose curtains, a throw, a pillow or go all out with a velvet headboard- you can't really go wrong. With warmth and elegance velvet is a great choice for winter. Please, just don't do them all.. that's hard to pull off unless you are in the Victorian era [and we are not.].


Curtains: Change out linen curtains or sheers for thick, lush gorgeous curtains to make a room feel warm and inviting.
Now, take those curtains and put them around your bed... Wow, who wouldn't want to be enclosed with thick, luxurious curtains like a fabulous giant cocoon on a cold winter's night?! 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Salvage Savvy Shopping

I haven't posted any pictures from the shop lately, so here are a few!

If you see anything you like, stop in :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: DIY ideas for your kitchen

I love these DIY ideas for the kitchen because they are adorable and organizational, which is what we all want, right?!

Make your kitchen feel like an adorable little bistro with this idea for butcher paper on the wall!


What a great little organizational center- and it's simply a branch and a couple leather straps: all natural and all adorable.

This isn't in a kitchen, but I think it's a great idea that could be used there as well. Hooks and baskets: that's all! I'm thinking one basket for fruit, one for potatoes... 


This is the cutest little roller basket made out of chicken wire! I want one.

Another idea for a message center is this large wall mounted chalkboard. Check out the details on how to make one for your space.

If you have a dog, then there's a really good chance that you have dog bowls in your kitchen: wouldn't these be fantastic?! Find a small urn and place a dog dish inside. Brilliant!
Okay, I'm honestly not sure how useful this is, but it's really cool and rolls around, so it's got to be a good thing! I'm thinking of all the possibilities beyond magazines: baskets, a cushion for a low seat [a skateboard for my son...]. So many ideas :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Words of Wisdom: "As Is" Love

Truly loving someone "as is" is a powerful thing.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Halloween DIY ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and here are several really cute DIY projects to decorate your space. These are all inexpensive and not overly complicated- so enjoy and be inspired!
This entire wall is just filled with adorable Halloween ideas. Click on the link to find out how she made this large spider web on the wall- it's such a good idea and gives you a lot of "look" without a big cost!
Okay, I really like this idea for pumpkins- you get a perfectly spooky pumpkin without having to carve it and get pumpkin goo all over your hands and the kitchen. The only down side I see here is that you'll have to forfeit those yummy roasted pumpkin seeds, though... [seriously, I love roasted pumpkin seeds!]


These adorable little barbed wire spider webs can be purchased on etsy, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to make them either... 


These black lace candles are elegant and yet somehow still have a bit of a creepy factor- I love them!

I don't have the source for this idea, but I really love it because it's sooooo simple.

Here is another really easy idea for the season: wrap and hang lanterns for a spooky entrance!
I actually made a couple of these celestial pumpkins like 14 years ago [wow, it  doesn't seem like it's been that long: I'm getting old] and they turned out really cute. Maybe someday I'll give them another whirl...

There were a couple pictures here that I couldn't hunt down a source for: PLEASE tell me if you  know any of them and I'll be happy to get the original source linked up!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Installing a Paver Walkway

We moved into a new [old] house that is in desperate need of [well, lots of stuff... but most of all it needs] curb appeal.  Think I'm exaggerating? [I'm not] Here's our front yard and porch.
So sad. I know. Nothing says, "Welcome to our home!" like no walkway and a little crooked staircase...
We needed a walkway.... like, pronto. So [like all good DIY bloggers] I looked up how to install one on the Internet and said, "Sure, we can do this. No problem." Well- BHG had good instructions, but we had to learn quite a bit as we went, so this tutorial is designed to go along with their instructions that you should take a look at via this link:

Step one is to measure your path size and mark it, which we did:
But here's what we learned: you actually need to dig the path wider to get your edging right down the road... so I would recommend that you dig about 3 inches wider than needed on each side.

Step 3 is to dig down 6 inches... but the base gravel & sand products we used suggested a 1" gravel layer and a 1" sand layer. Our pavers were 2" so that put us at 4" deep. A full 6" would've cost a fortune to fill [it was bad enough at 4"]. I'd suggest 4" because it was plenty.

Next is your landscaping cloth and gravel base. Do your math and figure out how many bags you'll need to cover your path at 1" deep: then double that number. Seriously. We went back twice for more gravel. Don't get all stingy in your estimates [like me] because it takes a whole [freakin'] lot of gravel even at 1" depth.

Then find your friend who owns ever tool ever made and borrow his [or her] tamper...
and get to tamping.

Step 3 is where it gets a little fuzzy over there at Better Homes & Garden: it says to install your edging next- but their photo shows it being installed before the gravel. Here's what we discovered the hard way:
1. Here's where you need those extra 3" on each side, because those black spike thingy's face out & if your path is exactly the right width then you'll have to dig out both sides to fit the edging [like us].
2. The edging is 2" deep, so if you were to do a 2" layer of sand as suggested then your pavers would not fit into the edging. So, once again: stick to the 1" layer of sand.
We combined steps 4 & 5 of leveling the sand and installing the pavers because it just made sense. My super hero hubby completely took over here [because this has to do with precision, details and sheer strength... three things that I'm not really "into"]. He went one row at a time doing the following:
1. flatten sand with trowel
2. level sand with board
3. lay pavers and then beat them into submission [meaning until level] using a rubber mallet
This is all the stuff he used:
This part is no joke, especially if you have any grade issues: for instance, where our path meets the sidewalk it slopes down, so we [and by "we" I mean "super hero hubby"] had to start at an angle to ensure that our pavers were even with the sidewalk and then add more sand on one side until the path is level again. Be ready to encounter issues like this!
Next we added the silicate sand in the joints to create a really easy finished, grout look:
We swept the sand into all the nooks and crannies and then swept away excess sand and sprayed it with water, causing it to harden. This step was easy [which means super hero hubby delegated the task to me!].
 And that's it! I landscaped [which is a WHOLE other "fun" project!]
And now we have a lovely walkway leading to... nothing. Yup. The day I landscaped super hero hubby started ripping up the old porch & stairs to build nice new ones: 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Words of Wisdom: Breaking the Rules

Ok, so it's not really wisdom, but it made me smile :)
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