Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY: Updating an Old Mirror

Sometimes [OK, almost all the time!] I have to make myself put something into the shop that I'd really like to keep for my home & this mirror is one of those items:
When I found it, this mirror was... well, let's just say "dated" to be nice ;) But I loved those scrolls and I really, really loved the size.

It just needed some paint & love, so I got to work:
first, I painted it with Annie Sloan's Cream paint

Then I painted over it [once fully dry, of course] with her Linen color [which is a very light gray].

Next I used her clear soft wax on the entire piece & then distressed it with very fine sandpaper. My goal was to get the cream color to come through, but I revealed some wood as well [which I liked anyway so it didn't bother me]. 
The finished look is so very cute! I'm glad I could save this sad mirror... and it sold quickly so I didn't even get a chance to change my mind about letting it go!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Amazing Outdoor Fall Decoration Ideas

I'm pretty sure that front porches were made for fall, and here are some amazing ideas to get your porch looking wonderful this season!

Yes, the wreath is gorgeous- but what I'm really diggin' is that branch above the door. 


This fall window box idea is too beautiful. I totally want a window box now...

Do you want a really big look, but don't feel all that creative? You really can't go wrong with something like this: it's all repetition and symmetry [and it's brilliant!]- purchase a bunch of mums [for this look, get them all in the same color], then whatever you do on one side of your steps/door just do on the other side as well.   Add some pumpkins and a wreath and you'll have a beautiful porch.


This is a little more artsy-fartsy [did I really just use that saying?!], but it's really cute! A sharpie and a few pumpkins and a stencil will make a beautiful fall vignette for your porch.

This idea was too cute not to share: those vintage skeleton keys are adorable!!

Another simple idea here: cascade lanterns and pumpkins down your steps for a really classic and beautiful look.

Love the galvanized pot and lighted branches: so easy and simple and cute.
Fall is all about texture and weathered and worn... so just go simple like this!

This is just fun. I have seen it done with house numbers as well: regardless of what you choose to "say," you really can't go wrong!

Our hanging planters are often looking sad this time of year, so this idea is perfect: just add little pumpkins to any bare spots! 

I love this casual fall display- it's a good reminder that you don't have to make everything perfectly coiffed. Have fun, find weathered & worn stuff and layer it up- add pumpkins and it'll be adorable :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Words of Wisdom

So. True.
I will remember this when I need to refrain from saying something negative to someone.
 I will also remember this when I walk away from someone with that feeling of being "less-than"...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Autumn love!

Football season is in full swing, apple orchards are hoppin' and I just switched to my Country Apple Scented wall plug-ins which can mean only one thing: Autumn is upon us!! This is my favorite time of year with our without the d├ęcor- but these gorgeous fall rooms will surely inspire you as you get ready to decorate.

This room is absolutely adorable. I'm pretty sure those pumpkins have been painted with chalk paint, which makes them look like something right out of Martha Stewart's garden! There are too many adorable details to even mention- you just need to click on the link and check out the post to get all the details :)
Such a simple little vignette, but it's too cute. This really is more my speed: subtle, classic and earthy. Love it!

Another stunning dining room all ready for fall. It's really fairly simple, but just done so well!


Repetition and symmetry are the driving forces behind this beautiful design. Very modern and still natural. 
This idea is too adorable! Love the "tree" with blowing leaves.
This centerpiece immediately caught my attention because of the apples- what a cute idea! The green apples  paired with white pumpkins and candles looks so good with the weathered wood, burlap and pinecones. So simple and yet really cute.
I hope these pictures inspired you too, because I'm ready to start decorating now :)
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