Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Think Outside the Box: Good Storage

Go to virtually any flea market you'll find a TON of two things: entertainment centers and china hutches. But, alas- don't cry for them: for they are terrific storage pieces and good storage will never go out of style [you can, however, cry for those fat TVs and fancy gravy boats... they've got to be sad right about now!]
I love this hutch being used for mudroom-like storage. Totally simple, but very classic.

 Who doesn't need more bathroom storage? This converted entertainment center looks amazing and is totally functional in the bathroom.
What a great little laundry center, because let's face it: even organized laundry really isn't all that pretty, so just close the doors. Brilliant.
 I need this! What a great space for all the extra "stuff" that doesn't always fit into one's closet all that well. Seriously, in my new home I totally need this!
 I love the grandness of this converted piece!
And this one is just plain clever... from a DVD storage cabinet to the cutest bench that will undoubtedly be used often.
This hutch is now a perfect craft center! So cute :)
 Cutest little baking center. I love this idea [if you can fit it into your kitchen!].

This is a similar concept, but taken to a whole other level. It contains a microwave, sink and complete kitchen storage... I'm thinking this would be perfect for a tiny studio apartment or guest house or even a second kitchen area in the basement.
So, are you trying to get rid of your old cabinet? Think outside the box: you may have a great purpose for it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Daughter's Room: Done [ish...]

This is real life... not an HGTV episode where people swoop in with countless workers and cash! Salvage Savvy is all about sharing my own real life process of decorating, so here it is :)
  I've accomplished SO much, [obligatory blog before shot and link back to post]
And despite the fact that there are still a handful of projects to go before I'm 100% done... I'm calling it done-ish and moving onto another room for now.
My daughter loves it, and I love it. I'm also ready to take a break from it... so I am!
I'm sharing these photos because I felt pressure [from myself] to make it perfect before putting it on the blog. However, the more I thought about it the more I decided that I was being ridiculous.
It's bright, clean, cheery and beautiful now :) [It's just not quite finished!]
Do you have a room that you're just tired of working on?! I encourage you to take a break and sit back and enjoy it for a while... decorating is waaay prettier when it's inspired [never rushed!].

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Colorful Couches

Our new living room layout is very different in this home, and our old couch was quite, well... loved [worn].  So, the hunt began for new furniture. Looking through all of my pins on Pinterest confirmed what I already knew: I wanted a white couch this time. I've pinned hundreds of light, bright and airy rooms and they all have beautiful white couches, and that's just what I want in my home.
Sooo, I showed Super Hero Hubby a picture of the couch I wanted and the conversation went something like this:
Him: "That's white." Me: "Yes, I want a white couch this time."
Him: "You know we have kids, right?" Me: "...yeaaaa. It'll be fine."
Him: "No, it won't. Look at this couch we have now."
Me [looking at it]: "Is that spaghetti sauce?!"
[Yes, it was. Did I mention that one of those kiddos is 2?] 
[Me in my head: "Why are you always so sensible?! Farewell white couch..."

So, since then I've been pinning more and more rooms that are light, bright and airy- but have darker more colorful couches. And I've been quite surprised to see how darn cute they are!
I'm officially inspired... how about you?!




As always, I try to link all of the images' sources, but couldn't track down all of them. If you know one that isn't linked, please tell me so I can get it up immediately!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Softer Side of Salvage Savvy

Here are a few new items at Salvage Savvy this week!

We used Annie Sloan's chalk paint on the mirror and cedar chest to create a soft yet worn look on the pieces.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Must Know Tips for Painting your Floors!

I wrote a lengthy how-to post about painting floors, but I also wanted to give you important "stuff" that I learned along the way... trust me, if you're painting floors you'll want to know all of this. I totally wish I had know it!
[Warning: some of this may seem obvious, but it wasn't to me... so maybe it'll help someone like me!]
1. Totally clear out the room. Don't try to work around furniture because you'll regret it [like me...]. It made the entire process take twice as long as it should have.
2. Purchase good knee pads from the flooring section. You'll be on your knees for a long time and a rolled up towel won't cut it [trust me].
3. If you can stand it, try to scrape all of the junk out from in between the boards. It's most likely going to be a huge job, but it's also most likely going to be worth it.
4. Buy a ton of wood filler, you'll need it.
5. Rent a big floor sander [unless you like sanding on your hands and knees for days, then by all means use a hand sander like me].
6. If you are doing a room that will see a lot of wear & tear & traffic, then you should use an oil based paint. I know it isn't very popular these days and is even getting harder to find, but it's going to be much more durable than any latex floor & porch paint. It will take longer to dry, but you'll be glad you did [I painted a bedroom- so I think it will be fine, but I'd definitely use an oil paint in any other room.]
7. Be ready to WORK. This is not some quick weekend warrior project, it took time and a lot of hard work! It seriously made me want to cry a couple times... don't worry, though. I'm fine now 'cuz it's super pretty and it's super finished!
8. Keep extra paint for touch ups... just in case :)

How I Painted my Hardwood Floors

I did it! I painted them white... after ooooing & awwwing over all the white wood floors on Pinterest I finally did it in my daughter's room :)
[Be sure to also check out my post of MUST KNOW Tips for painting your floor... stuff I wish I'd known before, but found out along the way instead!]
If you recall, when we moved into our home her flooring was mauve carpet... yikes. You can imagine my excitement to discover hardwood flooring underneath it, though!
My super-hero hubby surprised me one day... I was absolutely thrilled to come home from work and discover her room like this:
Pretty [no]. Progress [yes!].
With these two little tools he managed to pull up the carpet and haul it out in a matter of hours! And although I wasn't there to take notes, I did notice that he also used a utility knife to cut the carpet into manageable sized strips for hauling.
Then it was my turn to get to work [and let me warn is WORK!].
See all those yellow puffs? That's where the carpet padding had been stapled down. They went around the perimeter of the room and across the width of the room about every 5 feet.
I pulled all 8,569 staples out with these [Yes, I counted. it was exactly that many. Or maybe like 70 anyway]:
Next, I filled in the large gaps with wood filler. Like the naïve little gal that I am I went out and bought one little tube [hahahahaha] of it. When it was gone after about 4 boards I went back to the hardware store and bought a tub of it!
You will have to decide for yourself just how "perfect" you want your floors... you could go all Martha Stewart on your floors and fill every nook and cranny [but then they would pretty much look like an ice skating rink and not wooden floors!]. I filled large gaps only and it was still ALOT of work! Also, I read a blog that suggested taking a knife and scraping every little bit of dirt/debris out from between the boards before painting. While I think that's a great idea... I didn't do it. I started to, but after about 10 minutes I had cleared approximately 2 inches out and said, "Oh, this is SO not happening!" [and it didn't. But if you choose to do it, please pat yourself on the back and say, "I'm so much more patient than that Salvage Savvy lady..." and I'll totally agree with you!]

Then I began sanding. And sanding. And sanding. [did I mention that I sanded next?]. After finishing the world series of sanding you'll want to go back in with a Shop Vac to vacuum up all of the dust. Then, wash the floors down really well with Spic N' Span.
And then, after ALL OF THAT WORK... you'll still have ugly floors that still need a lot of work!
Begin with a good stain blocking primer and paint away! I chose not to dig every little bit of dirt out from in between the existing floor boards [because I'd still be doing it to this day...] so I really made sure to get the paint down in between them instead [yes. the lazy way. whatever!]
After one primer coat I put down two coats of Floor & Porch paint. Let each coat dry fully before starting the next and really let it cure before moving furniture back [I didn't do that...]. I chose not to put any polyurethane on top because it can yellow it, and it's a big sloppy mess to remove. I decided I'd rather do touch ups when needed than mess with that stuff. 
And that's how I did it! It really is fresh and clean and totally dreamy now... ahhhh. I love them.
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