Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: White Rooms that Pop!

I've been working away on my daughter's new room, and she chose to go with an all white color base: white walls, ceiling, trim & floor... and now that it's painted, she's worried! "Is it too boring?!" I continue to  reassure her that white is stunning and adding the right accessories will make all the difference. Truthfully, though- it takes guts to go all white! But I have confidence, and here are several examples of white rooms that are anything but boring!

I love this room because it's rare to see pops of color in all blue, but the end result is simply stunning!

This room is just lovely. Even the pops of color are fairly understated and it works perfectly.

That blue chair looks like artwork against the all white room, what a great way to showcase a colorful and beautiful piece of furniture!


This Parisian room is just perfection! Adding color doesn't have to be bold to be dramatic, and this room is a perfect example of understated elegance.


I really like the simple ways this designer has added color: the curtain rods, pillow cases and a throw blanket are essentially it, yet it makes a huge impact in this room.

Texture picks up where color leaves off, and this gorgeous, ornate screen is perfect. Very little color, but just a beautiful space.

Okay, this space isn't technically all white- but if you aren't ready to take the plunge into an all white room, try painting the walls in a warm neutral and then add a ton of white [trim, curtains, furniture, accessories]. Then when you introduce color it will still feel very bold and pop, but you still have the warmth of your walls and it won't feel at all stark.

Feeling inspired to try white? I am! I can't wait to show you her room :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Project #1 in New Home: UNdecorate!

Our new house is an old 1920's home, but despite its age, the inside really isn't bad. While it's not exactly my style it has beautiful details, and let's be honest... I would be totally bummed if I didn't get to paint a few walls [my sister says that repainting the walls in a home is how you officially mark your territory- like a dog peein' on a rock!].
However, there was one exception: my daughter's room.
[Why yes, that is a black wall with paint splashed all over it.] Not exactly her style.
 And it gets better...
Note the heart with a tongue. And their "Happieness" must not include a dictionary because it's spelled wrong. And I probably don't even want to know who Bobby Jack is. Yup- I promised my daughter that her room would be #1 on my list!
So, I began the task of scraping and sanding [did I mention that they let the paint DRIP down the wall and dry that way?! Did I mention that these are old plaster walls? Awesome.], priming and painting in an effort to undecorated this room and start with a fresh, clean palette. 
And to achieve this goal, we also needed to pull up the icky old maroon carpet [yes, MAROON!]. Oh, and did I mention that the carpet also had the aforementioned paint splatters on it? Yes, indeed- it had to go [but the bonus is that there were hardwood floors underneath!]
In our efforts to wipe clean any memory of this room we went all white [actually, it's just what my daughter wanted anyway].
Better, right?! Still a totally messy room, but now it feels like a fresher, cleaner & happier mess [please note the fact that  I spelled happier correctly]
I am currently in the midst of working on those floors, and you'd better believe that there's a post comin' about those bad boys... not easy stuff!! [UPDATE: They're done! Read post here!]
 So there it is... still messy and virtually undecorated, but SO MUCH BETTER. Who knew UNdecorating a room could bring me so much pleasure?!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Vintage Suitcase Ideas

I scored a couple of cute vintage suitcases recently, so I thought I'd look up some ideas on Pinterest to get inspired for a project... and I was completely blown away with all of the cute ideas! Now I'm going to need some more suitcases ;)

Isn't this the cutest little crafting station?! My daughter would flip over this case... awww, who am I kidding, I would flip too!
Is this not the sweetest little picnic?! What a great idea. [please look past the not-so-great photo, it's the best I could find and this idea is too cute to ignore!]

Dog bed. Adorable. 

Ok, so I love this idea for 2 reasons: 1. It's super cute. 2. I could hide all kinds of junk in that suitcase and still look fabulous and super cute :)

Ok, so I'm certain this would be a super easy DIY project... just add some potted flowers and you have a unique conversation piece. Love!


What little girl wouldn't love a little dress-up suitcase like this? I'm telling you, I need more suitcases!
Or... moving up in age, when your sweet princess is now into makeup and looking fabulous [sans the tiara and feather boa], this is a really great idea!

And here's the big-dog of vintage suitcase projects... so cool [but totally never gonna happen in my world!]. Still thought I'd share, though!

Friday, July 5, 2013

More Good Stuff!

We're getting in new items at the shop all the time, so I have to share!  
I'm in love with this distressed turquoise cabinet. Its original top was ugly & dated, so we took it off and replaced it with a dark stained wooden top. Then we added a splash of color and now it's gorgeous [and at $110 it's priced to sell :) ]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Clever Kitchen DIY ideas

Hello! Today I'm dreaming about clever kitchen diy ideas because our new kitchen is in desperate need of some inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites...

Isn't this cute?! Using a garden trellis is a really adorable and creative way to go vertical with your kitchen organization. 

Need to sneak more storage into your kitchen? This is a great vertical cabinet diy project from Classy Clutter, check out how to make one for yourself.
In need of a kitchen island? I love this idea so. very. much. Paint an old dresser, add an extended butcher block top and a couple corbels and it looks so high end and unique [and you still get storage]. Brilliant.

Here's another cute idea for adding storage to your kitchen. Find several matching wooden crates and create this custom shelving unit. Adorable!
Alright, so I've seen a hundred different ideas for integrating a chalkboard into a kitchen, but this is one that I haven't seen yet... they have painted it right onto the corner cabinet to add interest- so clever!


I love those polka dots. This idea is so cute and adds instant fun to any kitchen! 

This is totally functional, but also totally brilliant! Dollar store pencil holders attached to the wall will enable anyone to see any spices at all times... considering the fact that at any given time I can only see about 5 of my 1,456 spices in my cabinet, I'm lovin' this idea!
Hope this helps inspire you too, there's a lot I need to do :)
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