Friday, June 21, 2013

Child's Desk: Before & After

[WARNING: this is more of an inspirational DIY post than a how-to... if you find yourself inspired and want to know the how to of painting furniture you can check out one of my many painting DIY posts!!]

My [super sweet and totally fabulous] sister gave me this desk when her children out grew it. She thought I could fix it up and put it in the shop [did I mention she's smart too?!] This desk was used when she got it.. and then the kiddos loved on it and used it even more!
 photo 3a8abc08-07cb-4abb-8b3a-6458723f2069_zps178650c9.jpg

So, she knows me very well because my eyes lit up like Christmas morning... SO much potential! I instantly saw a chalkboard and polka dots...

 photo e286f655-f6ee-4f92-9794-1a3e396d730b_zpsc144540b.jpg

[Sorry I don't have a better "after" photo, but this adorable little gem has already sold so I had to use the only photo available!]
So, as you come across worn pieces at garage sales, in thrift shops or even at the generous hands of family's hand-me-downs- try not to see what most see..
See the potential of what it could be with a little creativity!! [and some work, of course.. I've discovered that work pretty much always accompanies creativity, though  ;)]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Inspired Outdoor Spaces

Yes, I know... it's June 19th and all of my diligent readers have already decorated their outdoors and are lounging around on their perfectly coiffed spaces sipping on lemonade as I write this... but for my beloved slackers, [which includes ME!] who haven't quite completed [or started...] their outdoor décor: Here are a few ideas that are small enough to get done in an afternoon and will add a ton of personality to any space.

This photo has a ton of great ideas, most of which center around the reminder to accessorize your outdoors. Layer in the flowers, lanterns & watering cans to add interest and personality. Also, see those lights strung on the fence- love them!

Add color. I know, it's simple, but color really is an effective way to brighten up your outdoor space. It's also a great place to take color risks that you may not be brave enough to try indoors. Want to know the best part?! Do you have old patio furniture that feels worn? Paint it a bright, cheery color- you won't regret it [be brave!]. 


Need privacy on your porch or deck? I love this idea. Planting tall grass in large urns adds color, texture, interest and privacy... perfect idea!
Want to add color & style to your space? Here's a great idea that wouldn't take long either- add large shutters on either side of your patio door. So cute!

This is a brilliant little project for any garden. Start with a bird bath, then a medium urn and top it off with a small one... add succulents and you have a beautiful and totally one of a kind focal point. 


Ok, so this photo is from some gorgeous resort... we are going to ignore the pool [that's definitely not an inexpensive weekend project] and focus on this great idea for a conversation area and fire pit. Four Adirondack chairs around a metal fire pit and a few hanging lanterns hung from the trees above and you've got a great little space to spend summer evenings.  Perfection!

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Spray Paint Gun [Adventures]

Have you been considering purchasing a paint spray gun for your DIY projects? Well, I have been painting a lot of furniture lately, so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in one [just think of all the time I'll save... is what I thought!]. Let me begin by saying that I am not exactly tech savvy. Nor do I have any previous experience with these guns... so I was a newbie on all levels.

I opened my beautiful new paint gun and read through the guide cover to cover [ok, so I actually started to, but got confused with all of the technical terminology and decided to figure it out as I go. [first mistake]]

What ensued next will forever go down in history as what I call  "World War Peach."
I am so grateful that it was a beautiful day so I decided not to stay cooped up in my paint shop area [also known as "My half of the garage"]. I took my drop cloth [which will NEVER BE THE SAME by the way]  outside into the yard and started spraying away. Oh. My. Goodness.  It was like spray paint married a paint ball gun and they had a baby called "spray paint gun." It shot out paint similarly to spray paint, but it was thick and uncontrolled. I had it on the lowest setting [I can't even imagine what the highest setting would do!], but it was messy!

And as I was stressing about the mess and trying to control the situation, I managed to dump the paint. You are looking at about $7 worth of messy, icky frustration right here! That wasn't the gun's fault [yes it was. I'm totally blaming the paint gun] The spilled paint just added to the whole World War Peach experience because it soaked through and now we have peach grass...

Even the de glosser [which should have been safely out of harm's way] became a casualty.
And as for my shiny new gun... forget about it. It looks like a Jackson Pollock piece now.

I was frustrated, so I took a break and went inside to get a snack for me and my daughter. I just laughed when she chose orange sherbet. I just couldn't escape that color!!

As for the paint job... it was alright. Yes, it went faster, but it seemed a little thick... perhaps I should thin the paint next time?

I don't know... I guess I'll give it another try. Someday. Do you have experience with these contraptions? Can you offer any advice?! I'd love to hear it!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly [P]inspiration: Splendidly Re Purposed

I have a blog & shop called Salvage Savvy, so obviously I enjoy the idea of re purposing stuff. But I'm also the first to admit that at times re purposing can become something... hmmm, let's say, short of fabulous [Seriously, some ideas on Pinterest just make me shake my head in wonder... "you'll need 17,964 reused plastic spoons to make what?!! Ummm, no thank you"].   But here are some examples [via Pinterest] of re purposing at its finest, seriously good ideas, folks!
Like this iron gate as a pot holder. Personally,  I'm not a huge fan of hanging pot racks- but this one has me reconsidering!


I LOVE sliding doors, so this idea of reusing an old window is [in my opinion] design perfection. I want one :)

How cute are these pendants made from old phonograph horns?! 

Who says re purposing in design always has to be vintage or antique décor? This is a great example of a modern approach to re purposing. Can you guess what this contemporary garden gate is made from? Old futon frames!! Genius. 

And this garden arbor made from old doors is totally charming... 

Here is a simple idea that is too cute-rather than investing in expensive decorative garden containers,  just re purpose plain old buckets by covering with burlap and twine. I am totally doing this!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Salvage Savvy is in Business!!

Hello. Remember me?! I went into hiding several months ago... but it wasn't because I grew weary of you or of blogging... no, rather it was quite the opposite. I stopped because life suddenly shifted into waaaay mega super high gear: we sold our house [yay!], moved into a new [old] house [I foresee TONS of projects to share with you from this jewel of an old home, woo-hoo!] and [drum roll, please...] Salvage Savvy has leaped out of the blogger-sphere and has became a real-life store!!! Can you believe it?! [Me either]

So, here it is: Salvage Savvy's store front!! We are located in Mooresville, IN at 18 N. Indiana Street, right in the heart of the little downtown area.  Our hours are Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm. [ ok, I must add this because it's buggin' me- that chain on our sign looks purple in this photograph... but I can assure you that it is not ;) ]

I know that many of my awesome readers aren't local, but if you are PLEASE come and check Salvage Savvy out!! It's a mix of all kinds of home décor. Some pieces have been painted, fixed up and/or repurposed, while others are gorgeous antiques that didn't need a thing done to them to be fabulous! Here are a few peeks inside of the shop:


Pretty Exciting, huh?!
 And I can ASSURE you that I have plenty to blog about between projects for the shop and my house- so Salvage Savvy online is back in business too :) YAY- I missed you guys!!
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