Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

You all know I love getting creative and re purposing stuff... especially when it involves saving money and results in a unique piece for your home. And that is why I LOVE all of the DIY sink base ideas that I'm seeing. It's seriously easy, and can make any bathroom look amazing. I converted the bottom section of an old entertainment center into a sink base and it was surprisingly simple [the last example on this page is mine...] be sure to check out my how-to if you haven't already!

This is a simple console table that has been converted. SO. EASY. This couldn't have been more than a couple cuts to complete. And I absolutely want it!

This is a smaller table and it's just cute as can be! I don't know how complicated the wall faucet would be though...

This is just too cute. Who would have thought?! And the little bike basket is filled with towels, so creative [what happens when you get a flat, though?!].


This is one of my favorite examples, because we've all seen one of these old dressers at a garage sale or antique store. It just becomes so clean and new, I am smitten :)

Here is an example of a tiny little space with a TON of style. Who says your powder room must conform... this is a great example of getting creative.
Best galvanized bucket ever. So clever!
Here's a great retro piece that has been converted. We are talking about some serious storage here!
And last [but soooo not least ;) ] here is my converted entertainment center!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday [P]inspiration: Light, Bright & Beautiful

Today's post is all about living rooms that inspire. These are all bright, welcoming and completely fabulous! They prove that white does not have to be boring and that a beautiful chandelier can compliment many different design styles. So sit back and Ooooooo & Awwwwe with me!

I just adore this room. Mixing elegant, contemporary and rustic is not an easy task, but this room does it flawlessly. 


I'm pretty sure I've pinned this room about 4,628 times... but I just love it! It is filled with elegance, yet all of the natural elements still make it feel "warm."

This room is just posh. The symmetry is fabulous, the pops of color are fun and that couch is perfection. Lovely!!

Once again, natural elements provide a balance to sheer elegance in this really cute space. That table is so great too. Beautiful.
I just love seeing bamboo blinds paired with linen drapes. It's a great way to add a ton of texture into any room and is a beautiful, timeless look. This room is so, so pretty and inspires a TON of projects that I'd like to do...
This is another all time favorite room that I've pinned. It feels both casual and formal which is a great combination!
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