Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Accessories Accessible [and pretty!]

Accessories are just so much prettier when... well, you can find them. I basically wear the same three accessories over and over because I don't want to go digging into my "pit of despair" [any true Princess Bride fans will know this reference!], which is basically a jar with all my crap in it. I've shared so many ideas on how to get organized, yet used none of them... I'm so ashamed! Well, I hope these inspire you [and me] to get your stuff where you can use and enjoy it all.

You must see how awful this frame was before... so ugly. But now it's absolutely lovely! This is a great example of using everyday objects like hooks and an old frame to transform a wall into a fabulous organizational area.

Alright. This picture is tiny. And this is as big as I can get it. But it's still a SUPER cool idea. I've seen so many busts used to store necklaces, but they are pretty pricey. This is a really cute DIY project that I really want to try!
Here is another great source of inspiration. Mismatched frames, fabric and knobs are combined beautifully to make a great little changing area.

 I like this idea because not everyone has wall space available, and this picture stand is a great alternative. Imagine the beautiful frame from the first photo resting in this picture stand. Oooo, pretty :) 

Move over necklaces, scarves have moved into my closet to wreak havoc and mayhem. Here are some great ideas to get them tamed too!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Words of Wisdom: Responsibility

I love this. A friend of mine shared it on Facebook and it's brilliant.
Now, when my pre-teen daughter utters those words every parent loves to hear,
"Moooom, I'm bored."
I read this to her :)
[sometimes I need to read it to myself too... they are great words for anyone, really!]

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Lovin': Major Statement Gallery Walls

I love gallery walls, they are a great way to make a huge impact in any room. Especially if you want to add instant sophistication... when done on a big scale, and with major repetition you really can't go wrong! Here are several great examples to feast your eyes upon :) 
Inexpensive black frames and simple botanical prints provide a perfect balance between soft and contemporary.

Here is a totally elegant space, but the black and white photographs bring in that all important element of making it personal. Simple white frames and mats create a clean backdrop to really show-off those prints.

Organized Chaos, and I love it!
Here is a different "take" on the typical gallery wall. Consider breaking up a single art piece into several sections for added interest. What a great idea!

Simplicity and symmetry work together to make the statement here. Love this idea for that dreaded space above the bedside tables!

There's really only one downside to creating a large, fabulous gallery wall: hanging those frames perfectly.
I suggested an idea similar to this for above a client's fireplace [black and white photos matted in white and in simple black frames]. And while the wife was thrilled [she found inexpensive ikea frames and was able to print out the pictures on her own!], her husband... well, let's just say he did not enjoy this project. About 10 hours and approximately 4,589 holes later he was finally able to get them all perfectly even and straight... If you have avoided a project like this [because you see that storm on the storm on the horizon!] you might want to try using a cable system. They are sooo much easier to install!

*BTW, I was compensated to include the above link... but as always, I only agreed to do so because I really like the product. I promise to only link to products that I truly find to be cool because I hate junk just as much as you. So check them out :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday [P]inspiration: Getting Creative

I've stumbled upon several super creative ideas on Pinterest this week, so I thought I'd share them with my totally wonderful, super cool [and although I haven't seen yo undoubtedly beautiful] readers today. I love it when people think out side of the box, and these projects don't disappoint!

In our new world of flat screen televisions, there are more and more abandoned entertainment centers. This one has been converted into a potting-shed area. Lovely!

Under-used closet space? This has been converted into an amazing little organizational nook. Brilliant.


Want an elegant side table but have limited space? This idea is so, so, so clever. I couldn't find the source, though :( If you know it, please let me know!

Metal drawers + wood + casters = yes, please! (I can't find this source either... please help!)

This cute little corner bench has been re purposed from a crib... I know, right?! So cute.

And this little art spot... closes up to become art on the wall. People's creativity will never cease to amaze me :)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amazing DIY Projects for your Home

Here they are: a few of my all time favorite home improvement DIY projects from a few of my favorite blogs. [And guess what... I need to do every.single.project.] Just doing a few of these projects will turn any contractor-grade home into a unique, custom home filled with personality or update an older home that needs a little love! Every link below will take you to a mind-blowing-ly awesome DIY project, so enjoy!!

Tired of your texture? Or [heaven forbid!] do you have the dreaded popcorn ceiling? I love this idea. Gorgeous ceilings are in your future... and they cost less than you think.

Love this staircase. Get rid of your carpet, paint the stairs and add molding along railing. It makes a HUGE difference [huge].

Doors and the casing around them are almost always boring and typical. Add some interest and detail by adding a simple crown detail to the tops of your doors. I love this idea. I mean really, really love.
Want to make an even bigger change to your door? Skip the molding and convert it into a sliding door. Someday I will do this... someday!


Or... make this totally awesome dutch door and be a total DIY rock star! Growing up in an old farm house we had a dutch door in the kitchen, so I will always, always love them!

 Another big difference between a custom and well... non-custom home is lighting. Here are a couple of DIY chandelier ideas that don't look DIY [and let's face it... some of the DIY chandeliers out there scream, "I made this!" which is never the goal :(  ]
 This one is A.Maz.Ing. Love it sooooo much.
 Do you have those dreaded bi-folding doors? This is by far the best solution I've seen.

Nothing says luxury like a professionally designed closet. And they are really expensive [personally, I'd rather spend $$ on the clothes to go in the organzied closet... wouldn't you?].  Here is a fabulous idea to use standard ikea bookshelves to give your closet great function and high style for very little money. Brilliant!

I may have to do another post with more ideas, because I'm thinking of more amazing projects even as I wrap this one up... but for now... I hope these inspire you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday [P]inspiration: DIY Texutured Details

Today I'm looking at the details of a room. Specifically, details that add texture [which also adds interest]. These are the details that finish a room, so don't forget them when decorating your space! Personally, I need to do more work on adding both details and texture... so here are some inexpensive and really cute ideas.

These adorable little pears... are light bulbs wrapped in twine! Checkout how to make them for your space, I just love these. 
DIY Sisal wrapped lamp shade. Love it, and it looks pretty simple!

These hanging photo displays are perfect, such a great idea.
Get ready for your mind to be blown... here's an idea to wrap an old tire in rope and add legs... and the end result is brilliant! You've got to check this one out!
 Perfect little detail. Lovely!
 This rug is so much fun, and totally do-able. Check out how to make one!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Idea: Make it Personal

Today I’m sharing a simple DIY project that will turn a great vintage find into a treasured item for a child for years to come. Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who loves dolls or playing house?! I love finding well built wooden furniture for kids to play with [keep an eye out for them at antique shops, garage sales or Goodwill- you can find really good deals!]. The furniture always has a lot of charm and it will last forever [my kids still use the little wooden stove that I played with as a kid... I'm guessing that would not be true if I'd had one of those plastic stoves ;) ].

 I did this project waaaay before this blog [which means I don’t have a “before” picture… boo!], but I’m sharing it anyway.
This was an adorable little vintage crib that was in good shape, but had been “loved on” for many years and it was showing! I knew that I wanted to paint it white to freshen it up and then glaze it to keep the antique feel.

But then I had a problem: the big blank spot where there was originally a picture needed “something.” I decided to make this crib into a truly special piece so I selected a photo of my daughter when she was a baby to fill the space. [Look at those CHEEKS!!] 

It was SO easy.
1. Paint the crib [I used the exact same method as I did for the Highchair makeover, so see that post for painting details]

2. Print out a photo onto regular paper [don’t use thick paper and for heaven’s sake don’t use glossy photo paper either!]. Make sure your photo is the correct size too! Cut it to fit if necessary.

3. Combine Elmer’s glue and water in about a 3:1 ratio and stir well. It should be thinner than regular glue, but not runny.

4. Put your picture on the desired spot and using a paint brush, just paint your glue right onto the photo. It is paper, so it will get kind of wet looking- don’t worry, it’s fine! Just keep “painting” on the glue until it is secure. It’s almost like wallpaper, you can scoot it around a little if needed, but be super careful, because wet paper rips easily.

5. Let it dry completely before moving. And then let it dry even more before letting kids play with it!

I did this project when my daughter was 3: she’s now 11 and it’s been in use for all 8 years, so it’s held up very well, and it will always be a treasured piece of furniture for her [and me!].

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday [P]inspiration: Creative Storage Ideas

Um. Hi [remember me?]. I'm back!! I missed y'all, but my winter vacation was rather nice, and now I'm thrilled to be back in the blog-o-sphere bloggin' it up once again :) Today's Monday [P]inspiration is all about getting creative with your storage!

Not enough closet space in your bathroom? See if there's a spot to sneak in a beautiful cabinet like this one- it's stunning and super functional. 

Is your closet space totally inadequate? I love this entire wall of cabinetry. What a great way to add a TON of storage without having to drywall in a bulky closet. P.S. bonus points for mixing in open shelves with super cute baskets.

Vintage lockers. Here's the rule: if you E.V.E.R. stumble upon inexpensive vintage lockers at an antique store you must buy them. Don't ask yourself if you need them. Don't ask yourself if they will fit into your car. Just buy them. If you don't- I promise you'll regret it [yup, I am speaking from experience here... boo!]. 
Alright. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows that I'm totally a sucker for a ladder. S,o it is of no surprise that this ladder with vintage baskets just makes me swoon! Creativity, fashion and function collide in a big way here and I love it all.

How adorable is this?! Let's face it, storage isn't always pretty [at least not mine, anyway]. Adding a simple curtain to this cabinet takes it from ordinary to super cute.

Similar idea here, but executed in a completely different way. I LOVE the curtain used in this laundry room. I could stack me some stuff under that sink... and no one would know but me... and my husband... who would hate it :)

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