Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Design Ideas: Creating a "Soft Wall"

Recently I realized that I've only given you a couple "sneak peaks" into our Master Bedroom [like how to make and install an upholstered headboard], so for the next few weeks I'm going to give you a few design ideas and tips that I've used to make it a calm and comfortable space [at least when it's clean... but that's a whoooole other story!].

Today I'm sharing a super simple idea that makes a big impact: create a "soft wall" in your space. To make this I simply found a sheer material and sewed it all together to create a gi-normous panel that would cover the entire wall. Then I inserted grommets along the top edge and my super hero hubby used wire to hang it all. I really like how the entire wall feels "finished," and allows light to softly filter in, but it's not as formal as drapes and sheers.

So, if you love the softness of sheers but don't want the formality of drapes, you might just consider creating a soft wall in your next  interior decorating project!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Great Summer DIY projects

Hey Y'all! I know, I know... it's been awhile. Sorry I could say why [but it's a bunch of yada-yada-yada] so I'll get right to the good stuff- DIY ideas!! I've pinned some super cool DIY projects from many wonderful blogs lately and thought I'd share them today. Lots of light and airy summer projects today...

Isn't this soooo beautiful!? I will do this someday.... not today, but someday :)
These curtains are scrumptious! I'm pretty sure my daughter will want them, so I can't let her see them until I'm ready to tackle this project...
This DIY project is so great, the end result is stunning so be sure to check it out!


I just love these little framed bud vases! Often the simplest ideas are the best, and this is a great example. Find various frames from thrift stores [or your garage if you're like me...] and purchase various little vases from garage sales [or dig them out of your garage if you're like me...] and you can make a big impact for very little $$.

Pebble floor mat. I've seen this before... but I love it every time. That would just feel wonderful on bare feet, and it's a super easy DIY project.

This is just too cute! 3-D artwork that is adorable, can't you see three or five of these in a group on the wall?! Love it :)
And that's it for now, be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you want to see what else I'm pinning these days!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Get the Best Deals at Target!

Do shop at Target as much as I do? Do you start at the clearance section and then "go forth" from there?! I just love finding a good deal, and Target has some of the best clearance's in the biz [in my opinion, anyway]!
That's why I just love the information provided in a post from Mommy Savers. It has all kinds of great information about how to get the best deals there [which is exactly the kind of information I need].

For instance: Did you know that many Target Stores nationwide follow a similar markdown schedule? This is their typical schedule:
Monday Target Markdowns: Kids’ Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics
Tuesday Target Markdowns: Women’s Clothing and Domestics
Wednesday Target Markdowns: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty
Thursday Target Markdowns: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares
Friday Target Markdowns: Cosmetics, Housewares, Automotives

And they typically markdown unsold clearance items every two weeks, so pay attention if you want the best deal...

There are WAY more tips and ideas, so check out Hitting the Bullseye: How to find the best deals at Target on Mommy Savers to get the rest of the scoop!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transform your Curtain Rods & Hardware [Super Easy, Super Cheap]

I know, I know... you've seen my DIY drop cloth curtains that were $12 per panel... but did you notice that rubbed bronze curtain rod? It was a super quick and inexpensive DIY project too, so I'm sharing it today [trust me, it's a no-brainer, but I felt brilliant when I had the idea, which tells you just how clever I really am...]

This is what my rod & hardware looked like before. Once upon a time brushed silver & maple fit right into my decor... but not now. However, the rods were still in good shape and I hate throwing away something perfectly good [you know, that whole "Salvage Savvy" thing...] so I had a plan!

Paint!! [this surprises no one] I used Rustoleum's hammered metal spray paint product and it worked beautifully! I just laid everything out and went to town...

Isn't it pretty?! And I was able to transform 4 rods for about $9. Saved cash, didn't waste my rods and hardware and still got the look I wanted. Swwweeeet :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Fireflies, Candles and Fun

Don't you just love summer? Me too. Here are some gorgeous ideas for creating summer evenings that will surely feel magical [just don't forget the bug spray... or it will feel itchy as well!!]

Isn't this amazing? What a creative way to make a huge impact for any gathering!! Lovely.

I adore this table scape. Those lanterns are magical... and that table is absolutely gorgeous. Love, love [love] it.

 I really like this idea because it plays to my Salvage Savvy style... collect all of those inexpensive garage sale glass vases, jars, etc. and make a beautiful centerpiece for any table. Perfect.

Looks like a perfect evening, doesn't it!?

And this is a super fun idea... this is my idea of "camping" :)
Are you feeling inspired now? Me too... now to decide which idea can I actually make happen!?

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