Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

I was able to to make each panel for only $12!! Here's how I did it:

First, I purchased 6ft. x 9ft. drop cloths from a home improvement store. Here's what I learned about drop cloths: be sure to examine the colors of each cloth because they vary... some drop cloths were darker than others [which wouldn't matter at all if you were using them correctly!!]. Here's something else I learned: there are two different weights of drop cloths, the heavier fabric cost about $13 each for a 6x9, and the lighter one was $10. I didn't want really heavy curtains so I chose the lighter [and cheaper!] ones. And one more note: I chose to pre-wash and iron them before sewing... I've got three kids and a dog, so there is a really good chance that I'll need to wash these curtains so I didn't want to chance them shrinking after being completed.

Now, onto the actual process! I began with the hem [they are already sewn on the sides... so you can skip that... yea!!!]. I had to shorten mine quite a bit, so I just measured it out and ironed my bottom curtain line into the fabric [all of the material below that line is what needs to be hemmed up.

Because I didn't want a gi-normous hem, I double-folded it... simply take the bottom edge and make it meet your ironed line, then iron down the "new" bottom line [am I making any sense here? it's easy, I promise!].

Here's how it looks when you've got the fabric folded under...

*Sided note: make sure that your edges are lined-up... you don't want them hanging over and looking sloppy [plus that means that your hem is straight, which is a good thing...]

Here's how it looks when it's pinned and ready to sew...

Now, just sew straight across that top edge.

Now it's time to make the pleats for the top... purchase this stuff [I soooo wish I had a name for you, but it comes in a giant roll and you have to have it cut to size like fabric... and I didn't write down the name... sorry, I'm a terrible blogger lady]. Anyway, find it in the drapery section of the fabric store. There are several pleat options, so find the style that will provide your desired look. Purchase enough to span the width of your panel [these are 6ft x 9ft so I purchased 2 yards for each panel]. This stuff is magic... you'll see why soon...

It couldn't be easier to sew. Just line it up with the top of your curtain [another note: drop cloths aren't sewn perfectly... it's ok, I promise] and pin it on.

Then sew it on [top and bottom].

Here's where the magic happens... once it's all sewn on, just pull the little strings and...

Keep pulling... [note: I learned that you should secure the end strings, then begin pulling from the middle first, working your way to the edges.]

And just like that... you've made a pleated curtain!!!! Wow, right?! My sister [thanks Amy!] told me about this stiff, and it's amazing! [Seriously, if it makes ME look like a seamstress then it's a miracle product!]

Now, they are made to be used with rings and hooks, but I used clips [I'll explain why another day...] so apparently you can use either.

And that's what I did! I basically made a couple folds and sewed three straight lines :) Sew simple [I know, cheesy... but I had to!] 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Tee Pee Time!

Summer is the perfect time to make a tee pee or tent, and here are four fabulous ideas!

Y'all know I love a good DIY, so check-out this great tee pee tutorial and make one for yourself [or for your kids... they might like one too ;) ]
 This is a gorgeous little impromptu tent set up for a wonderful summer afternoon. I want to be sitting right there, sipping on that tea and reading a book right now...

Did you know that tee pees can be fabulous?! Me neither, but this one really is! I love it, what a fun room.


Here's another great little tent that kids would just love!! Are you [like most parents] trying to encourage more reading for your kiddos over the summer? Maybe consider creating a special reading tent....  it could work [maybe!].
Aren't these so much fun?! I might just make myself a "momma tent" that no one's allowed in.... it'll have to be made of steel to keep my one year old out though :) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom...

Love this saying... I'm guessing that we all fear something, but we don't have to!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another one of my crazy DIY ideas...

I wanted new curtains [I shouldn't be spending $$ on curtains right now].  I went shopping [even though I didn't want to spend $$], I found beautiful Belgium linen panels that were perfect. And they were even on clearance too- woohoo, right? [Wrong] I'm sure that Belgium linen is good stuff, but I don't consider $99 a panel to be a great bargain [that's considered a splurge in my thrifty world!]. Sooo, realized that in order to get the look I was after, I would have to get creative [and boooy, is this one creative...]. So I made them myself, and was able to do 5 pleated panels that are about 8ft. each for [drum roll please...]
$12 a panel!!! How did I do it? Drop cloths of course!!

Somewhere or another I got the idea of using drop clothes as material for curtains, so I decided to do a bit of research via my favorite DIY blogs and an image search on Google. They were good, but none of the curtains looked quite... finished. Some of them just looked like they took a drop cloth, put some ring clips on it and hung it up [oh, wait... yup, that's actually what most of them did!]. Sooo, while mine did involve a tiny bit of sewing [and I mean tiny!!], I think they look amazing and they took probably 15 - 20 minutes per panel to complete. Sound too good to be true? [it's not, I wouldn't do that to you... it's true] Want to know how?? I'm working on the How To post right now, look for it SOON :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Great Backyard DIY Ideas

The sun is shining, it's warm and school is almost out [woo-hoo! I get my kids back!]. As my thoughts turn toward the backyard, I find myself pinning great DIY projects to try this summer. Here are a few of the wonderful projects that I've pinned so far!

Turn pallets into a backyard deck... gorgeous!

Make decorative concrete stepping stones using these tips from Small Garden Love. Such a great idea!

Another great idea from Small Garden Love... create a hanging herb garden! I have very few sunny spots in my yard, and I love growing herbs, so this idea is just perfect. Love it!

Click on this image to find out how to make these super cute concrete decorative spheres... it's such a good idea and totally affordable!

Want a green house? I love this idea for using old salvaged windows to create one! I'm not ready to dive into this project... but I still think it's an amazing idea!!
As always, I've linked each photo to its source! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Words of Wisdom...

I found this on Pinterest, and had to share it here on Salvage Savvy, because it pretty much [perfectly] sums-up this blog and my personal design & lifestyle philosophy...

... nothing I do is ever perfect, but I delight in it anyway ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Feeln' Blue...

Don't be concerned, though. It's just that I've noticed myself pinning more and more rooms with blue accents. It seems that navy is quickly becoming the new dark neutral choice for homes, taking its place among mocha and charcoal in design history [I could be wrong, but that's my guess anyway...]  A strong, saturated blue can be both versatile and sophisticated and add depth to any room. Here are some great examples:

Blue & white... does it get any more classic that this color combination? Lovely!

Same idea here, except they've gone with a more subdued dusty blue and creamy white... then added a little gold. So sophisticated, so timeless... I really love this room!

Love, love, love. That's all I have to say about this dining room!

Bright blue accents add such a fresh, clean feel to any room. This beautiful art brings such life to this area!

Blue can be quiet and calming as well. Paired with a soft palette, this room is so peaceful and just plain pretty!

I know, this is just a little tiny snapshot of a room, but the colors are just so vivid and perfect. I love the addition of blue trim on the pillow, and that rug is stunning! 
Ummm, can I have this room, please?! This headboard is perhaps my most favorite shade of blue ever... so, so beautiful.

Are you feeling blue now as well? You're welcome :)

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