Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Make Wire Shelving Look & Function Beautifully

Yesterday I shared my $13 Pantry Makeover,  not bad, aye? 

I have those [fabulous] metal wire shelves... yes, I'm sure they were very cost effective for our contractor, but everytime I have to set small items on them they constantly fall over [annoying]. Or, even better, I once had syrup leak, and because there's no actual shelf it managed to get everything sticky on all four shelves and the floor below! Every mess gets to "share" itself with all items below... but not anymore :) 

All you'll need for this project is a new drop cloth, linoleum tiles and a thread with string [doesn't even have to match your fabric].

I decided to create a little "dust ruffle" for each shelf to help keep them cleaner [and I just liked the way it looks]. I used a new dropcloth for this task [because they have pre-finished edges, are very durable & inexpensive]. I just cut the edges off [I wanted that hemmed edge so that it would look finished], each strip was about 4" wide and the length of my shelves.

Now, because I wanted it to lay nicely on my shelf, I determined the length of fabric that I wanted hanging down [make sure it's long enough to cover the metal completely], and marked it on a stir-stick [very techincal!], then folded my fabric over using the fancy stir-stick mark for accuracey, and ironed it to get that crease nice and strong.

Now, see that pretty crease right on the edge of my shelves? Once everything is lined-up, stitch it right onto the shelf by looping around a wire. I stitched my fabric down on both ends and in the middle.

You can hardly even see it... but it's going to be covered-up anyway [that's why the thread color isn't important]!

Now your shelf looks like this: [better already]

Now it's time to add the linoleum tiles. I found these at a home improvement store for less than a dollar per 12"x12" square. I purchased 20 and my total was $13. I believe you can have them cut in the store as well if needed... my shelves were exactly 12" deep and 4' long so I lucked out!

Just set your tiles on the shelf and [boom] you're done! Now... I orginially thought that I'd use those sticky floor tiles for this project... but they are really thin and I wanted something with a little more thickness [and I didn't want my shelving to get sticky either]. I also considered inexpensive ceramic tiles... but they would add too much weight and cost more. In the end, I think this was a perfect and super affordable choice!

Now I don't have to worry about things tipping over or spilling... and it looks WAY better! And all for only $13 [Full disclosure moment: I am a crazy DIY lady who has perfectly new drop clothes laying around my house... so add a whopping $10 to your total if you're a normal human being!].

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today I'm Salvaging... My Pantry

No, it's not the most glamorous pantry in the world, but it's completely organized and I'm super happy with it...

...and it's soooo much better than before: YIKES!! I've always been able to maintain a fairly nice pantry, so when it ended-up looking like this after Christmas I thought, "whew, the holidays took their tole on my pantry." Super Hero Hubby straightened everything up... and then a few months later it was bad again. Whenever that happens it means that it just isn't functioning anymore and it's time for an overhaul! 

So I completely emptied it out and scrubbed it down [see where the yellow food coloring leaked down the wall? Scrubbing that off was super fun.].

Then I turned around and saw this:
AHHHHH! [Deep breaths... it'll be over soon... it's worth it...]

Now, if you read my post about Life Altering Organization, then you know that I need to make organization look pretty if I want to have any chance of keeping it organized [after all, if it's not pretty anyway, why bother?!]. Well, the shelving was in good shape so I couldn't justify pulling it out and putting in those awesome metal pipe shelving systems that I've been oooing & awwwing over on Pinterest lately! So, I decided to "wing it" and come up with a quick and inexpensive way to improve my wire shelves. The how-to post is almost done, so you'll see it very soon!

Here's how each shelf looks now: Much better, right?! And I spent a whopping $13 for the supplies!

I put all of my food into groups and placed it on shelves according to how much space it needed and how often I use it. So. Much. Better.

And I love using pretty items, like these canisters that were my Mom's, so many good memories when I see these!

And I get to enjoy my little rooster bookends from my sister!

Little personal touches like these make me happy- I didn't go purchase any baskets or items from the store, I just scoured my house to find anything that would work and had meaning. And, in my opinion, if you open your pantry door and smile... then that is a successful design :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Gallery Wall Ideas

 Today I'm getting inspired by great Gallery Walls. Here is why I love them: when done correctly they can be beautiful and tell a great story about you and or your family! Here are several examaples of how you can make a gallery wall that's perfect for your home. 

Get personal. I love that this gallery wall tells you something about its home owner. 
Get thrifty. Use thrift store or garage sale finds to create a beautiful and affordable gallery wall.
Pay attention to scale. One really large piece of artwork can be balanced with multiple smaller pieces and make a big impact!

Create a sculpure with your artwork. All of these photos work together to create movement and interest!

Tell your story. This is basically a family photo album right on the wall for everyone to enjoy, what an affordable and simple way to make a huge impact.

Be co-hesive. All white matting and frames ensures that everything relates well to one another.
Mix it up. You don't have to have all photos, get creative!


Make an impact. Do you have corner that could use a little more interest? This is a really unique idea that I love!

Keep it fun! This gallery wall is balanced very well, but not overdone. It just feels fun, which helps create a mood for the entire room.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Okay, Confession Time...

I haven't been blogging very much lately, and here's why:

one year old daughter + crappy internet connection = blogger burnout.

I began Salvage Savvy when my daughter was tiny and sleeping about 18 hours a day, and now she's running around and into everything [for what feels like 18 hours a day!]. I also had reliable internet at that time, but in January it went bye-bye forever and I'm now relying on the only thing that's now available to my area [which is shotty at best].
I'm not quitting... just explaining why I am taking a little time to step back to re-evaluate Salvage Savvy. And, I totally would love your help because I have questions that only my readers can answer.
Sooooo, if I have ever helped inspire you to do a decor project, could you plllllease return the favor by answering the following three quick questions?

How often do you read your favorite blogs? Daily / three - four times a week / less than three?
Do you like reading about a blogger's personal life or do you prefer she just stick to design & DIY?
How do you recieve Salvage Savvy posts: go directly to website, google friends, linky friends, email subscription, facebook or twitter?

Salvage Savvy is dangerously close to being a year old, and I want to get year two off to a great start [despite my frustrations!]. Thanks so much for your help, I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 Hollow Core Door DIY Projects

I have been singing the praises of hollow core doors since the beginning of Salvage Savvy, so this week I thought I would compile all of my door projects into one post just in case you missed one!
These doors are often discarded [which means free!!], but even if you aren't "lucky" enough to get one off the sidewalk [I don't care what you say... dumpster divers rock], they are only $15-$30 at any home improvement store. They have become my go-to item, and you will most likely see more projects in the future! Where you see a plain door, I see pre-finished edges and corners for a nominal fee :)

Make an attractive and thrifty desk for great Organization!

Use them for attractive shelves when giving a Laminate Bookcase a Fabulous Makeover!

Make your own Floating Shelves!

Make an Overscale Chalkboard with style!

Now... go find an ugly door and work your own magic!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Pretty Rooms

I'm not really doing a theme today, unless you count, "Oooo, that's Pretty!" as a theme! Hope you find some inspiration, I know I have :) Enjoy...

Is it a sunroom? Is it a dining room? Who cares... it's stunning! 
I love this little eating area. I want to sit right there and have lunch with my family [even mac and cheese would taste better in front of those windows on a sunny day!].

I am in love with this color palette. This room is the perfect combination of high style, comfort and fun. Love it!
So pretty! Perfect beach house [perfect regular house too!].
Seriously one of my most favorite kid-friendly rooms ever. This room is proof that comfort and fashion can be besties after all :)

In my dreams, I have this exact vignette in my home. [please wipe my drool off your screen!]

* Couldn't find source: Pinterst doesn't always have accurate sources listed. As always, I try to hunt down every source, but sometimes I'm led to a dead-end. If you know where any *via's are from please tell me and I'll link it appropriately! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

This morning our minister mentioned the fact that Jesus told his friends that he would rise in three days... yet they still buried him. Now I'm wondering what he thought when he awoke in a tomb, "Didn't I tell them?!" I am so thankful to serve a God who loves me to death... and who is patient with me too :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post: Meet Katie from Newcomb Home!

*Katie and I are doing a blog swap today! Newcomb Home is a great blog that I've recently discovered, be sure to check it out :)

Hi there Salvage Savvy Readers! I’m Katie from Newcomb Home. I’m honored to be at Connie’s site today to show off a few of my favorite projects.
I live with my husband and two furry roommates in Portland, Oregon and blog about all things related to my house and our life renovating it – great tips for home improvement, beautiful (and cheap!) decorating ideas, and what to do when your water main starts flooding the garage :) On occasion I’ll even throw in my feeble attempts at cooking (if I can succeed no doubt you can too!).
I hope you’ll head over to Newcomb Home to check out some of these projects!
That's the husband and me, looking way too relaxed since we’re on vacation!
One of my favorite projects, and one I’m excited to share with you, is my DIY wall art. I’ve included a super easy tutorial that will help anyone make some fantastic art for their wall. All you need are some frames, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, and a stencil.
The best part is that this entire project cost 70 bucks! Including the frames! Can’t beat that price.
The second project I’d love to share is these elegant water pitchers.
They’re made out of wine bottles rescued from the recycle bin, a vinyl stencil, and some etching cream. As you can see, I like easy crafts. Any project that can be completed from start to finish while watching Glee is a win in my book. You can find the simple tutorial here.
And this before and after might look like a subtle change, but it made a huuuge difference in our newly tiled shower. AND we saved a ton of money because instead of buying spendy edge tile, we just had to buy one tube of caulk! edge-tile-grout
You can see the latest in our bathroom remodel here. We’re not quite done with all the finishing work, but its changed so much (for the better!). I’m really proud of our progress so far. We were able to reuse lots of materials and get a whole new bathroom without breaking the bank! bathroom-before-after I hope you’ll head on over to Newcomb Home to check out all of our projects, recipes, and all the shenanagins we get ourselves into fumbling our way through home renovation.
Thanks again Connie for the opportunity to introduce myself on your fabulous blog!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday [P]inspiration: Outdoor Dining at its Finest

With the weather getting warmer and warmer I keep finding myself looking towards the great outdoors. Here are some gorgeous dining rooms that just happen to be outside!

Isn't this just lovely?! It's really casual and yet so very beautiful [I could definitely eat there!].

This table is the perfect combination of fun, bright and elegant. I just love it!

This is a great example of letting nature and landscaping do the "heavy-lifting" in outdoor design. Yes, the  chandelier is gorgeous and the table and chairs [especially the chairs... so cute!] are adorable, but that garden is stunning!

Alright, is this table even outside?! It's soooo elegant [I bet even the insects will see the beauty and refuse to bug them at this table!]. I adore those bright, cheery chandeliers and the silver bamboo chairs, and the ornate vases on the table... alright, I love it all!

*I hate it when I find a beautiful picture on Pinterest and can't find a good source. If you know where this is from, PLEASE tell me so I can link it appropriately! Anyway, I think this is a great idea to turn any yard into a beautiful evening wonderland... so pretty!
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