Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Table Runner

I really wanted a table runner that went the entire length of my [rather long] table; however, I really didn't want to spend a lot of money [big surprise, I know...]. So this is my simple but really pretty solution: a DIY table runner using [drum roll please...] more drop cloths!
 Here's how I made it: [but it's so easy I'm not sure you need instructions]
1. First, I decided how wide I wanted it and then added 2 inches for my hem and cut a strip that wide from my drop cloth.
2. Then I had a really long strip of fabric, so I measured how long I wanted it [I made mine the same length as my table cloth].
3. Next I turned down my 1" hem on each side and ironed them well [you'll see why on step #5].
4. Then I selected what I wanted to write [this is for Christmas, so I selected a couple of my favorite Christmas scriptures, but you can use quotes, song lyrics, poems... soooo many possibilities!], I then grabbed a silver sharpie and started writing [very, very carefully!].
5. Aaaand that's all. I was super lazy and didn't actually sew it [yet]. I will. I promise. [If I don't, I really meant to.] But for now, it's beautiful just as it is :)

And that's all! I have a beautiful table runner and I used stuff from around my house so it cost me $0. But if you had to go buy a drop cloth and sharpie it might cost somewhere around $12, and then you would have alot of fabric left over for more awesome projects!

* Like those Mercury Glass containers? Check out that tutorial too!

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  1. Hi Connie. I saw today that you are following me on Pinterest and I am so glad that you are because I realized that I was not following you. Weird because I know that I am a follower. I think blogger hates me. I keeps messing up my things. But I am back and happy to be following you again. Love the Advent tree on the chalkboard. So cute.


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