Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I'm lovin': Bamboo Fencing!

As I continue to search for beautiful garden inspiration, I have seen some gorgeous uses for bamboo fencing. I love the texture that it adds to any space, but especially gardens. Here are a few of my favorite examples [each photo is linked to its source, so click away!]:
This space is gorgeous, so serene and pretty. The bamboo provides privacy, shade and interest to this space. It takes the space from feeling like a typical deck to a little private retreat!

I just love this use for bamboo fencing as well. Talk about thinking outside the box! What a perfect way to provide shade for your space while adding texture. So natural and yet still modern. Nice!

Guess what's behind this fence?! An ugly cement block wall. What a great solution to cover something unwanted... it looks completely natural and so, so pretty.
Are you feeling inspired to use bamboo fencing for your summer projects?! If so, check out more bamboo fencing and bamboo poles at Forever Bamboo, they have all kinds of great, beautiful products that you'll love. I'm getting compensated a little for this post, but let me say... I'm really diggn' bamboo fencing right now and I am trying to figure-out where I can use it in my outdoor space! 


  1. This gives me a possible idea for my own backyard, Connie! Thanks!

  2. great pics and inspiration for your readers. Bamboo is a great product not only due to its beauty, but its sustainability, strength and easy of use.


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