Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Get Comfy [and look fabulous]

For today's (P)inspiration I decided to find rooms that combine oodles of comfort with oodles style. These are the two questions I asked myself while selecting rooms: 1. is it beautiful? 2. could I curl-up and read a book and/or fall asleep comfortably? Here's what I found!
Rustic walls, an elegant chandelier and contemporary finishes... combine all that design goodness with a comfy couch and I say "yes, please!" 

I love, love [love] this little reading corner. That velvet chaise lounge is amazing and just pulls you in for a moment of relaxation with a good book!

A sun-drenched window, big over-stuffed pillows, a stool to hold your coffee [or hot tea for me]. I want to nap here... who wouldn't have heavenly dreams in this cozy corner?!

This is a great example of creating a relaxed and comfortable room while looking fabulous. It's so beautiful proof that high style doesn't need to be intimidating... gorgeous!

Happy colors, cozy fabrics, big pillows and fabulous style! Love it all.

This room looks well-loved, completely informal and super comfortable... yet it still looks so very stylish thanks to that amazing wall [which is artwork, if you ask me!]. This is proof that when you make a big style statement, it will speak even when your pillows aren't fluffed perfectly :) 
So, what about you? Chances are that you have a favorite super-comfy spot in your home. Have you managed to make it look amazing too? I need to go work on mine... ;)
*As always, click on the picture and you'll be whisked away to it's Pinterest source!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Followers Rock: Exhibit F

I just love doing this series because I get to thank my Followers by shining a spotlight on a few of their wonderful blogs that I discover by scouting out my list [and I always love discovering new blogs!]. Did you guys know that I don't just decorate stuff... nope. I eat too [and waaay to much waaay too often]. I always love finding new recipes, and here are a few blogs that have amazing food!!

You. guys. You've got to check out Caramel Potatoes. I found some amazing food there, like these Caramel Apple Nachos [I know, right?!... oh my goodness!]. Kyra and Jocelyn are a mother/daughter duo and you will sooo want to see what they're up to!

Then I found Jennifer at Peas & Crayons. She has tons of really yummy and healthy dishes. That is a tough combination to find and Jennifer makes it look delicious... like these Healthified Somosas. I seriously want to make these tonight!

And Amber shared how she made this gorgeous homemade Sushi at Salt Tree. I love sushi, and this looks amazing! She's got all kinds of yummy-goodness happening over there, so be sure to check her out!

Finally... this isn't cooking, but I had to share it anyway! NeeCee at Pine Creek Style has all kinds of good ideas for the home, like this Weekly Chore List. It is soooo good. When it comes to getting things really [really] clean, sometimes I just need someone else to boss me around in my own home [which is probably why I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart]. NeeCee's list is a-maz-ingly specific and left me feeling like I should go clean something right now!!
See... I told you that my followers rock :)
*Note to every single person who follows Salvage Savvy: I am TOTALLY honored that you've chosen to follow me here @ my little blog [Actually, it's kind of crazy how happy my followers make me. So if you even kind of like Salvage Savvy and aren't a follower... please join... it will make me really, really happy... like this lady with the Tide!].

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make a kids' dresser fun with magnetic paint!

I repainted my son's dresser and now it looks like this:

But sometimes it looks like this:

Or it could look like this:
 Really, the possibilities are endless because I used magnetic paint on the drawers!
This is how the dresser started... it's nice, but we changed his room and it didn't work with the new look. I wanted something industrial and boy-ish. Soooo, I painted it. I preped it using the same techniques listed in How to Paint a Dresser.

However, instead of regular paint on the drawers I used magnetic paint. It's kind of thick and requires at least three coats to actually work, so if you want a smooth finish, I recommend applying the paint with a smooth roller. However, because I was going for an industrial look, I chose to use a brush and kind of go crazy by painting every-which-way. The thickness of the paint and my wild brush strokes created a textured base.  You can [kind of] see it in this photo. 
Once I had my base coat on the drawers, it was time to achieve "my vision" through paint, hard work and magic. Well, my first attempt was not magical [at all]. If you missed the post and want to see the ugliness that followed... then check out When a DIY Project Turns Ugly [literally].  I had to redo the whole thing [which put me in a really great mood]. To achieve a more refined, [but still industrial] look I decided to paint over the black magnetic paint with a dark brown color. It was definately less harsh than the black base. Then, I took Rub n' Buff and applied a thin coat [using my fingers because that's how it works best]. I saw that going side to side with long strokes worked best. I wanted it to have an irregular texture, so if it was a little heavy in one area then I went lighter next to it... you just have to eye-ball it and adjust as necessary. And for the exterior of the dresser I chose to go with a calmer, gentler color the second time: I used a high gloss navy blue paint. I think that paint worked because it helped "ground" the dresser and because navy blue is a cool, dark color it really complimented the silver drawers. And the glossy finish also helped ensure that the industrial look didn't turn "dirty" [like it did in my first attempt].
Next, it was time to create the dresser adornments. I purchased magnetic paper from Walmart, and spray painted it red[ish]. Well, the paper didn't like my spray paint [it's made for an ink jet printer], so it dried with this weird texture [which was PERFECT! Finally a happy accident!]. Once it dried completely I measured the drawer height and cut 1" and 1.5" stripes. *Note: If you make stripes, make sure to measure each drawer... don't assume they are all the same size. The top drawer might be shorter than all the others... so if you don't notice it, assume they're all the same and cut them according to the top drawer only... IF you do that, then you'll have to go back and make a whole entire new sheet using the correct measurements of the remaining three drawers. Not that it happened to me [it totally happended to me].
Then, I used the remaining sheet [it came in a pack of three] to print off numbers for his drawers to give him more decorating options. And...I didn't do this, but here's another idea [just don't tell my son, because he'll want me to do it too]: you could get some fun stickers [like the Angry Birds stickers that I saw at Meijer... he'd love them.] and stick them onto the magnetic paper and then just cut them out. Stickers that aren't sticky... how perfect is that?!
So anyway, we now have all kind of options, and he really [really] likes moving things around and getting creative.
Here is how he chose to decorate it [for now anyway]. He decided to label his drawers using the letter magnets that we already had... isn't that just too cute [and yet so practical too]!! How fun is that?!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When a DIY Project Turns Ugly [literally]...

I have always said that this is a full-disclosure design blog. That means I share everything with you [the good, the bad and the ugly]. Well. Today it's a tale of ugly.
Not this. This is fine [in my opinion, anyway]. This is what my son's dresser looked like before I painted it [Well, technically I painted this too...  about 5 years ago, it was originally pepto-pink!]. And although I still liked it, we were changing his room and I wanted to go with a different look.
Hmmm. Not exactly what I had imagined. My son was polite and said he liked it [he didn't]. Neither did I. At this point I was faced with a choice: live with it and cringe everytime I see it, or cringe right now and redo it. I chose option #2. But first, I decided to throw myself a pity party- Salvage Savvy style [which means I pretended as if it didn't happen and ditched the project for a couple days... or maybe for an entire week.].

Unfortunately, my son continued to wear different clothes everyday despite the fact that he had no dresser to put them in [can you imagine the nerve of that boy?!]. So, after a week and a half and much hard work I was left with only an ugly dresser + a room that looked like this [and in the middle of the room was my big drop cloth and the paint cans that I refused to pickup because I was too busy pity partyn'].
So frustrating. Then, to make matters worse: right in the middle of my [self-inflicted] DIY mess the kids' school went and had Fall Break on me. My dear children wanted to have a fun break. I didn't have time for fun [I had to make myself make time, though]. Here's what I learned: Chaos + Kids + Fun + DIY projects + Baby = Crazy Mess & Crazy Momma!

Well... we survived. I completed the dresser and I have almost completed the room as well. I'm really happy with the final project and will share my [successful] DIY tips tomorrow [I'll file the unsuccessful ones under "d'oh!"]. I just couldn't stand to write a "look at this great dresser, here's how I made it" post without first sharing the fact that this project didn't go as planned. Nor is it the first time my big "ta-dah" moment turned into "ta-yuck." There are so many moments when I think "what have I gotten myself into?" And if you find yourself at that place in the future, just remember... it's alright to have a little pity party, just don't give up. Laugh at your mistakes, roll up your [already rolled-up] sleeves and keep working on fabulous. You'll get it!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Random DIY Awesome-ness!

A couple quick notes before we start (P)inspiration: first of all, I am a guest blogger at Mom's Point of View today, so if you are visiting from there... welcome!! And if you are a regular Salvage Savvy reader, I'd love it if you would stop by and see all the good stuff that is happening over there :)
And for my second note-worthy item: I have to apologize for my lack of blogging last week. I could bore you with a million [ok, not actually one-whole million... but at least, like... 9] reasons why I didn't post more; however, I'll save that super fun [and most likely whiny] story for another day ;) The main thing is this: Today is Monday which means it's a fresh, shiny new week and I promise that it'll be filled with posts.

Now. Let the Eye Candy begin!! I just love a good DIY, don't you? I've decided to go completely random today and just show some dog-gone good DIY ideas. Stuff that makes you say, "Why didn't I think of that?!"  [*As always, just click the image and it'll take you to its source.]

You know that drawer full of your kids' wonderful artwork that you'll never get rid of, but will most likely never display either? Just scan it into the computer & make one super large and totally amazing poster. I love, love [love] this! 
Do you have boring ceiling lights? You know what I mean... those standard, cheap lights sold everywhere that looks like... well, let's just say that ceilings around the world could use a bra! Well, my house is FULL of them, and eventually I'd like replace them all, but that could be an expensive task: therefore, I love ideas like this! This chandelier was made from hanging plant baskets [seriously!]. Brilliant and beautiful- you've got to see how they were made!  
Need a new kitchen island, but don't want to spend a ton of cash? Find an old dresser and turn it into this. I saw this idea on the Nate Berkus show, and it's just so smart.... makes me wish I needed an island! The only thing is this: Nate didn't show what to do to that back of the dresser that's never finished... I'm thinking maybe a chalkboard?? Whatever you do, it's just a lovely idea.

This is a creative, affordable and all around brilliant idea for a dollhouse. I love it. This is creativity at its finest, folks! This idea could even be taken farther by using fabulous wallpaper for a little glamour... oooo the little girl in me has so many ideas right now :)  And someday it'll just go back to being a bookshelf, instead of getting stashed-away because your daughter doesn't use it but can't get rid of it [or is that just my daughter?!].

Curtain rods + fabric = genius. Love this!

Love this idea too. It's sooo easy to make this DIY dry erase board. Just put wallpaper, wrapping paper or scrapbook paper into a frame and get a dry erase marker. Could it be any easier [nope]?

DIY coasters. Just take 4x4 tiles and 4x4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry. Spray a coat of clear spray paint and attach felt pads to the bottom. Wow!! Great idea [If I were responsible enough with my furniture to use coasters, I'd totally make these!].

I believe in the power of prayer. I am a very forgetful person. This is a wonderful visual reminder for people such as myself :)

Gi-normous [yes, that's a word] frame made from rulers. Love. It. This gives me so many ideas.... hmmm. I just love Pinterest!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking My [little] Woo-Hoo Moment!

Blogging is fun.
Blogging is addicting.
Blogging is time consuming [especially if you're addicted].
Blogging is an emotional roller coaster filled with highs ["Look at my stats today!"] and lows ["look. at my. stats. today... {sigh}"].
Well. Today I'm taking a moment to celebrate my Woo-Hoo moments with you!
I've even taken the time to set a perfectly decorated party table for the occasion [not really, I found it via Pinterest!].
"And just what are we celebrating?" You ask. Well, first things first: Salvage Savvy now has 400 followers- Woo-Hoo! That means when you combine all sources [facebook, email subscribers & followers] I'm up to about 880 readers. For this little bloggin' gal that's truly amazing.. especially considering that I've never even hosted a Give Away [yet... hint, hint].
And here's another little Salvage Savvy fact that thrills me to no end... did you know that I cleared 100,000 pageviews a couple weeks ago?! Yup. I sure did. As of this moment I'm right at 123,845 pageviews [Woo-Hoo!] and that little-old fact just completely blows my mind, folks! Not too shabby since I'm not quite 6 months old yet. Yes-sir-ee, it's a good day to celebrate!
**Now, as a full-disclosure blogger gal, I must add something here. I'm thrilled about my success, but I have to admit that when I see other bloggers with thousands of followers who began less than a year ago I'm like, "Heyyyy... how'd ya do that?! No fair." You see, that green-eyed, envious little blogger-lady sneaks out every now and then and I just have to tell her go away because she brings me nothin' but trouble!**
The simple truth is, I'm so blessed and completely grateful for every. single. person. who supports me by reading Salvage Savvy and sharing it with your friends! Soooo.... I just want to say
Thanks so very, very much to YOU, my friends :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Stencils

Today I'm thinking about stencils ['ll see why soon!!]. If you've been in the blogosphere for more than a week, then you've most likely seen some gorgeous examples of stencilled walls... but I wanted to find some gorgeous and unexpected uses of stencils for [myself and] all of my fabulous readers! As always, just click on the image to find its source... if I couldn't find a good source, you can attempt to hunt it down on Pinterest because that's where I found all of these.

Isn't this stencilled dresser just adorable and so much fun?! I want one.
I'm not sure if this is wallpaper or a stencil.. but either way, I love using this pattern in the kitchen. I think it's an unexpected and beautiful addition to an often less-formal room. 

Ok, the lighting in this photo isn't great... but I had to include it.  First of all, those floors are so gorgeous. And secondly, the salvaged iron artwork is so perfect for a long hallway! Love this space.

Stencilled reclaimed wood headboard. Adorable!
This is actually made from one of those colorful interlocking play mats for kids... no way! You've got to check out how it was made- I just love it when people make thrifty ideas look this amazing :)
And this [super annoying photo that refuses to center for some reason... oh well] stencilled bathroom ceiling is just... wow. I love it. Not sure I'd be patient enough to do it myself, but !Yay! to the awesome person who was. The hard work definately paid off with a major wow moment for that room!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crap with Potential

I'm starting a new Friday blogging series called Crap with Potential [thus the post title]. This is where I find an item that many would lable as crap... and I show you its potential!  
**BTW, if you're keeping track, that makes a grand total of three friday series here on my little bloggy-blog... I'm just never sure what I'll be in the mood to write about on Friday and I like to keep my options open! Plus, my super sweet, funny and all around awesome niece gave me the idea for this title & I love it :) [Thanks sista-niece!]

For the first post, I'm sharing these mailroom bin thing-ys [another technical term brought to you by Salvage Savvy] that I found at a flea market. There was a huge stack of them and they were only $4 each. I loved the worn, industrial look and immediately knew I had to have them! I sorted through them, found the best 4 [yup, these were the best ones... doesn't say alot for the ones I didn't choose, does it?!], paid my $16 and skipped out the door [not really, but in my mind I was definately skipping!].
Then I got them home and shared my big, awesome plan with my super hero hubby. "Ummm. They have holes in the bottom." He said. "I'm not storing sand." I said. "They're all dirty." He said. "I'll clean them." I said. He saw crap. I saw potential [technically, we were both right.]

And here's how they look now:
Perfect toy storage bins for under my son's bed!! I love, love [love] the color and the texture, and he can't mess them up [because they're already ruined, lol!].

Each bin has a theme, so he knows exactly where his toys are and exactly where his toys go [when he actually puts them up, anyway...]. Someday he'll be done with the toys, and then these will be great for clothes, shoes, sports equipment... really anything [except sand!].

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scariest Halloween Decoration E-V-E-R...

['cuz it almost burnt down my house]. Well, that's being dramatic, but it did try. I was inspired from last week's Halloween (P)inspiration post, so I painted a cool, thorny branch white, then cut-out paper bats and tied them onto the branch. It looked great... but I wanted to take it one step farther... [death & destruction].

I put an LED light in the bottom of the container and taped bats to the inside. Then, I covered everything up with white gauze so that it would have that dramatic and creepy up-lit look [and so that I could burn down the house]. It looks pretty cool, right?! When I finished I gave myself a little pat on the back for creating a $0 Halloween decoration [unless you count the cost of our insurance deductible].

Then, maybe 15 minutes later our doorbell rang... and when I went to answer the door it smelled like someone was roasting marshmallows [no one was roasting marshmallows... I was roasting gauze]. I lifted up the fabric and smoke started pouring out [yikes!!]. It really wasn't bad [yet], but it really didn't smell good and the light was all black and bubbly. I'm so thankful that my niece came over to play so I caught it early [that's who rang the doorbell].
So. Needless to say. The dramatic lighting has been unplugged and we now have a less scary, less fancy [and much safer] Halloween decoration.

Moral of the story: I'm thinking I should clear all future projects involving heat with the Fire Marshal of our home [my super hero hubby]. Have a [safe] Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Salvaging a Bedroom

Today I'm dreaming about bedrooms... gorgeous salvaged bedrooms to be exact. Here are my Pinterest finds! 
This is the bedroom that started it all. Look at those salvaged doors. Not only are they beautiful but this is a truly brilliant idea- you want wall sconces but don't want to cut into your walls to wire them? These doors hide the wiring and make the whole process easy. Love it. I must find a place to do this in my home!

Next, I found this wall of salvaged wood. Love the texture, love the color and... well, I just love everything about it [but I don't think I'd love installing one!]. It's great to see old, rustic and worn wood being reused in a really new and contemporary way.

And look at these salvaged barn doors that have been turned into a stunning headboard! Again, they were able to wire contemporary hanging lights right into the headboard and it's a perfect mix of old and new.

Do you have gi-normous [yes, that's a word here @ Salvage Savvy] leaded windows laying around? If so, here's a unique solution for a master bedroom. These windows create a divider for the ensuite that still allows the area to remain open and airy.

I want a sliding barn door. This is so beautiful. No more typing, time to sit and say ahhhh [and imagine that I have a place, the money and the time to install one.]

This headboard won't work for every home, but I just love the creativity and those gorgeous soothing, worn wood colors. I'm thinking of a beach cottage or summer cabin... so fun!  And, notice those hanging lights made with flower hangers... another brilliant idea. 

Last, but soooo not least. I've seen salvaged shutters used for a queen-sized headboard many times, but these twin headboards caught my eye because of the repetition and scale. And the artwork hung above the beds add just the right amount of detail. What a calm, beautiful room!

As always, if I found a good source, then you can click on the image for the direct link... but they can all be found via Pinterest!
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