Friday, September 30, 2011

My Followers Rock: Exhibit E

*Note to every single person who follows Salvage Savvy: I am TOTALLY honored that you've chosen to follow me here @ my little blog [Actually, it's kind of crazy how happy my followers make me. So if you even kind of like Salvage Savvy and aren't a follower... please join... it will make me really, really happy!]. Anyway, this blog series is my way of saying "thank you" and shining the spotlight on the amazing things that you guys create!
My first example of greatness is from Kim @ Too Much Time on My Hands. This piece made from pallets is so clever and rustic and just truly amazing. Check out Kim's blog, because it's filled with fun & great projects!

Next, I just discovered Laura @ West Furniture Revival. How could I not have known about her until now? This desk is crazy gorgeous and it's just one of many, many beautiful pieces that she's redone.

And this last feature is near & dear to my heart because it's from a really sweet reader named Angela whom I've enjoyed getting to know [via email anyway!]. She and her husband have tackled several DIY projects to make super fun and extremely adorable rooms for their kids. The best part is that they were able to make them look amazing while staying within their budget... that's what I just love to hear!
So. cute. Great job! I see many more beautiful decor projects in their future :)
See... I told you my followers rock!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Think Outside the Box: Beyond Initials

When I saw this "Yo" on Pinterest [from Kristen F. Davis Designs] I knew it was a perfect idea for my son's room. It's so fun and playful and yet still dude-ish [yes, that's a real word... at least here @ Salvage Savvy!].  However, when I showed it to my son, he said, "I like it, but I want mine to say something else... like "Hi." So. Brilliant. You see, this boy loves the word "hi." I have no idea why, but virtually every school paper has a little "hi" snuck onto it somewhere [much like a word search version of Where's Waldo]. And if you have ever recieved a present, card or note from my son... it has "hi" written on it somewhere [ok, not somewhere... everywhere!]. Therefore, it took just two little letters to make his room totally... him. "Hi" sums him up much better than his initials ever could!

Here's a quick little tutorial on how I made them:
It all began with typical paper mache letters.

Then I spray painted them a red-clay color [basically red with alot of brown in it]. Somehow I failed to photograph them painted... but I managed to get a picture of my drop cloth after painting them [I though it earned a few cool points with this graffiti-like image!]

Next, I turned to my tried & true DIY friend [insert drum roll here]. Silver Rub N' Buff!! I wanted it to feel old and industrial so I rubbed it on unevenly and made sure to let splotches of red show through.

And that is all. Done, completed & finished. Taking these pictures and writing this post took 3 times longer than the project itself [which is just wrong!]. How can you inject a little personal touch into your decor using letters? It's something to think about :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Clever and Inexpensive Storage Ideas

I love storage ideas. Not because I'm super organized, but because I am never organized enough. It's become a quest for me... like the Knights of the Round Table's quest for the Holy Grail, like Oprah's self-admitted quest for a [non-existent] magical diet pill or like that one-armed villian guy with a cat's quest for Inspector Gadget [Next time, Gadget... next time].
Well, here are a few more storage ideas from Pinterest... they range from clever to brilliant and are all inexpensive and extremely creative!

I don't have a whole lot of regular glasses, [nor do I know anyone who does] but I love this idea for storing Sunglasses!

This is brilliant!! It could be used for bathroom, office, kitchen and even garage storage ideas.

Stacked vintage suitcases. Very clever [and stylish].

Not so sure about doing this in a kid's room, [I can already see them swinging from basket to basket like Tarzan!]. However, I'm thinking this would be perfect for the garage...

Flower planters for wall storage. So smart.

This would definately be better than throwing all my jewerly in a bowl... not that I don't enjoy having a big lump of knotted-up necklaces everytime I pull one out :)

 Brilliant. Just brilliant!
As always, click on the image to get to its source... I couldn't locate the original sources on a couple, but they can all be found via Pinterest.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Advice Friday #10, Fixing up an Entry Table

Happy Friday everyone! [ahhhhhh.... was it a long week for anyone else?] Well, today I'm wrappn' it up with a question from Ashley: She asked, "Could give me some ideas and/or instructions/tips on how to refurbish it to look amazing? The colors I have that would work to incorporate into the table would be blues, teals, black, and tan."
Well Ashley, I'm glad you are saving it, because this table has a ton of potential! First I'm going to say that reguardless of the color you select, I suggest doing a distressed paint treatment to this piece.  Here's why: 1. This table looks well loved already 2. It also appears to be in a high-usage area. I never fight against real-life when decorating...  [cuz' you'll lose every time!] By choosing a distressed finish you can use real life to your advantage [after all, people pay big money for distressed furniture!].
Now, when choosing a color to paint your table you need to first decide if you want to accessorize with color [blues, teals, etc.]. If you do, then I suggest going with a black distressed paint treatment so your accessories will "pop"... and black goes with anything and lasts forever. You really can't go wrong with a classic look. This particular dresser is from The Yellow Cape Cod, and there is a great tutorial on how to achieve the look [just click on the photo if you'd like to view it].

Now, if you want to make a big, bold statement with the table, then you could paint it in a vibrant hue as shown in this piece. [Can I just say that I love this table. I mean LOVE! I found it on Pinterest... and now I can't find it anymore. Seriously, it's as if it disappeared... if you know where it is from please tell me & I'll link it up... and pin it to my boards so that I never lose it again!] I think it's easier [and "safer"] to select a bright/vibrant hue when you are going to distress it anyway... I always glaze over it with burnt umber [fancy name for really dark brown] glaze, which always helps to "calm" it down [it's like ritalin for furniture]!
Next, you can consider adding details to your drawers as shown in this dresser from Cassandra Design. Here's where it gets a little tricky, though. You see, I'm not a huge fan of both distressing and adorning a piece. You have to know when too much is... well, too much. However, you only have two drawers so if you want to add that extra detail I do think you could get away with it on this piece. Just make sure to paint the base coat, stencil the drawers [I would suggest doing a low contrast color combination... meaning that if you select black as your base color, then choose a darker stencil color like brown, grey, or a dark teal etc.], and then go over all of it [including those drawers you just took time to make perfect!] and distress the whole thing.

Finally, there's the issue of accessorizing your table once it's all painted and pretty. You can't go wrong with this combination: a really big mirror [or multiple smaller mirrors if that's a more affordable option], stacked books with a decorative bowl [for keys, etc.] on top, and a potted plant. Also, I think it would look great if you put a couple baskets on the bottom shelf to hold shoes. Oh, and new hardware is super important. Go with classic rubbed bronze knobs- you can find them anywhere and they aren't expensive at all, but they will look great!
Thanks so much for your question, Ashley! I certainly hope this is helpful, and I'd love to see what you choose to do with your table :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm on Apartment Therapy [What?!]

Well... not me, personally... but my Vintage Dresser was selected by Jason Loper as a Before & After feature!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this, because I just love [love] Apartment Therapy!
As of right now, there are over 70 comments on the post, and let me tell you... that is amazing to me!!! So, if you are a long-time reader [ha, ha... I've only been blogging for 5 months... so it's all relative, isn't it?!], go check us out @ Apartment Therapy and see what they are talking about.
And if you are visiting Salvage Savvy for the very first time... welcome!! If you like interior design, thriftiness, DIY tutorials [and sarcasm] then you are in luck... if not, still take look around the blog... you might like Salvage Savvy anyway!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Beautiful Leaf Prints... a Fall Tutorial!

I have this thing about leaves. I just love them. They are one of the reasons I love fall so much. [Have you ever stood outside towards the end of fall on a sunny day when the wind is blowing so hard that leaves just rain down around you? It's glorious.]
Anyway, leaf prints [like on this wall hanging] are a great way to capture the random beauty that is fall! They are super easy to make too [cuz' God does the hard work... you are basically just recording it!]. Here's a quick little tutorial on how to make them... 

Here's what you need: Paint, leaves [not the old crispy ones, go with new & fresh leaves], paint brush, roller, paper towels and fabric.

Here's what you do:
Paint the BACK of the leaf [not the smooth front side... you want veins, etc.].

Place the painted side down on your fabric and then put the paper towel on top of it, and roll over the entire leaf.

Remove paper towel and peel the leaf off. And you've got a leaf print!! That's it, folks... so easy.

This idea could be taken in soooo many directions. For example, I also made a leaf detail on linen napkins for a little touch of fall. So easy and fun! Well, now it's your turn. Gather some leaves and make your own prints too :)

Visit I just linked up this project!

Salvage Savvy is visiting Living Savvy today!

Today I am thrilled to be a guest on Living Savvy's blog series, Spray Painters Anonymous [why on Earth would she ask ME to write for that?!]. Please take a moment to check it out :) Thanks!
Living Savvy

I also want to give a few shout-outs for features:

First of all, I found my Overscale Hand Antiqued mirror featured at My Many Moments. She found it via Pinterest and liked it enough to feature it, which is wonderful!! I have received so much traffic from Pinterest lately, and I've never pinned anything of my own onto it... so that's really amazing and exciting for Salvage Savvy! Once again, thanks so much to anyone who has ever "pinned" a project of mine!!

Katie at Sew Woodsy featured my Vera Wang inspired Pillow this week, and I'm thrilled about it!! Thank you Katie :)

Also, thanks to Hollie at I'm Busy Procrastinating for featuring my $8 Lamp Makeover!

And over at So Creative, Heather featured my Chalk and Bulletin Boards... woo-hoo! Thanks so much!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: It's Burlap, Baby!

Inexpensive: check. Great texture: check. Extremely versatile: check. Timeless: check. [Weird burlap smell: check]. Yup, it's official- burlap has it all! Here are several examples that I pulled from Pinterest that show just how beautiful and versatile burlap really is! [btw- if you want to find an image's source, just click on it & you'll be wisked away... just come back here when you're done, pretty please :) ]
Gorgeous and super functional bulletin board!

Look at this amazing burlap wall treatment! Love it.

Burlap fringe... what?! Adorable.

High Fashion burlap. I know what you're thinking, and... Oh yes, they did [and they did it fabulously]!

Burlap Bench Cover.  Nice.

Wedding + Burlap = Elegant and beautiful. Are you surprised too?

Such a cute idea! Adorable.

Burlap goes contemporary. And. it's. gorgeous.

The perfect backdrop for nature, as always!

I don't know about you, but now I want to go burlap something! [I promise not to do my own shoes, though!]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box: Bathroom Vanity

Remember my bathroom re-do from Turn Your Gold into... a New Bathroom? Yes, it was pretty much a brilliant idea, and it was one of my first posts, so if you missed it [and most likely you did] you should read it now. [Seriously. Go ahead and click on the link, I'll wait...] Nothing like a pushy blogger lady, huh?! Did you read it? Good. Let's move on now ;)

Alright, first I want to comment on my color choice. Orange is a bold choice, especially for such a small room- but I really, really love it! Now, with that said, [here's a moment of full design disclosure] you must know that at first I painted the entire room orange, and... it. was. bad. Like, "yikes" bad. Like, "why is my powder room radiating orange into the hallway?" bad. Like, I had to repaint it that very night, bad. However, I loved the color, so I toned it down by using it as an accent wall and painting the remaining walls a color [that I love for pretty-much anywhere] called French Grey Linen. Ahhh, Perfect. I could breath once again!

Now, onto the main design element in my tiny little powder room... the DIY bathroom vanity. Actually, it isn't a vanity at all, it is the bottom half of a TV armoire. I found it at Goodwill [it was actually brand new from Target, but was sent to GW because of a missing hinge]. I took its top off [that was the piece with the missing hinge anyway] and was left with the perfect size dresser for a vanity!

Next, I found a great vessel sink from a company on Ebay. There are a TON of options for new vessels sinks and they are all about one-third of the cost of the vessel sinks at Home Improvement stores, so I highly recommend purchasing a sink from Ebay. This one was around $80 and I LOVE it.
Next, I purchased a faucet from Ebay too… aaaand, that’s where my luck ended. It was also about half the price of faucets from the H.I. stores... which was because it is ridiculously cheaply made. So. I recommend that you just spend the $ and purchase a good faucet or it will leak [like mine] and look bad [like mine] and you’ll have to replace it [like I need to].
Once you know your sink and faucet size, measure it out and cut the holes for the faucet and drain into the top of the dresser [there's a special circle attachment thing-y that attaches onto a drill. Just to your local H.I. store and use that exact term "circle attachment thing-y," they'll hook you right up!]
Then purchase tile for your top. I found recycled glass tile from The Home Depot. It came in 12”x12” sheets which made it easy to install (no need for a tile saw). Here is a link to the tutorial that I used at eHow for a list of supplies you'll need.

This is how I ended up doing it: First, cut and arrange the 12”x12” squares as you want them to look on your vanity top. It’s easy to cut the mess backing- just use normal scissors. Also, cut the tiles away from your drain and faucet holes- you don’t have to be perfect because the sink and faucet should cover the area anyway, but get your tiles as close as possible. Next, apply the mastic onto the table and lay your tiles onto it. Wipe away any excess mastic that squishes out! Now you have to mix the grout- add water until it looks like peanut butter [the creamy kind, not crunchy!]. Use your rubber float [yes, that's it's real name... I wouldn't make that up!] to get the grout smashed into each groove, then use your wet sponge to wipe any excess away and get it smooth. Be extra diligent on your edges- make it pretty!

[Now, if you need a more thorough explanation than this, just go to your local hardware store and stand in the tile & grout isle looking adorably helpless… you’ll have someone walking you through this and handing you the necessary items in no time!]
Alright, now the pretty stuff is over and it’s time to get technical [so this is when I call to my super hero hubby and he earns his title]. He carved-out the drawers to accomodate the plumbing [terrible picture, sorry... and yes, it's a bit chipped, but no one looks in your bathroom vanity drawer anyway. Just don't post it on the internet [like me] and no one will know!]. And then hooked-up the plumbing stuff. Honestly, I have no idea how, but he claims it wasn't hard. Sooo, here's an eHow tutorial for the sink, and here's one for the plumbing... or, you can go back to your H.I. store and stand in the plumbing isle this time looking adorably helpless... or, if you are really lucky your super hero hubby will swoop in like the plumbing-fairy and figure it out on his own [and you won't have a clue how it happened].

And that's how it happened for me... from an entertainment center to a bathroom vanity in just a few [hundred!] easy steps! Do you have any furniture that's just begging to become a vanity?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Feature Shout-outs!

Wooo-Hoo! Link parties are my #1 way to gain exposure here at Salvage Savvy, so every feature is super exciting for me!

First of all, I want to say thank you to Margaret. I just discovered her new blog called Rummage Living... with a name like that, I knew I'd love her blog right away [and I did!] :) I am honored to have my $8 Lamp Makeover featured at her very first link party!


It was also featured by Jane @ Finding Fabulous- thanks Jane!

And was also the most clicked link at Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint Party. Woo-hoo!

Domestically Speaking

And Melanie also featured my lamp at Bear Rabbit Bear, which is another blog I have recently discovered! Thanks Melanie :)

And last but soooo not least, I am absolutely thrilled to be featured by SJ @ Homemaker on a Dime! Let me tell you, she gave my Home Office Transformation the sweetest, most detailed feature I've ever received!! You've got to check it out... she even gave it a cliff-hanger ending ;)

Thanks again, ladies!!

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