Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Followers Rock: Exhibit B

Welcome to Exhibit 2 of "My Followers Rock," where I provide evidence [which means show-off about] my amazing followers!! I'm having so much fun discovering your blogs... and if you aren't a follower yet, please become one today so that I can [stalk you] find you too :)

My first show-off for this week is this beauty. I love this lamp [I want this lamp]. When I first saw it last month I immediately fell in love! Ashley @ A {Blond's} DIY Life did an amazing job turning an average [and very thrifty, so you know I love that too!] lamp into something so glamorous.

Katie at Wildwood Creek made this gorgeous white vignette! I love that she took various items [all thrifty finds, I might add] and painted them the same color to create an elegant, harmonious look. This is just so pretty!

Take a look at these super cute and fun fabric flowers that Jamie makes @ Day and Age Design! These would look adorable on a headband or attached to strappy sandles... even sewn onto a pillow if you want to accessorize your home with them. Beautiful Jamie!

Finally, take a look at this great chair makeover from Apple House Revival. I love the colors that Megan chose, so cheery and fun! This side chair would add interest and a great little pop of color to a room!

And that's it for this week... if you are a follower and don't have a blog, please send me a photo of any creative endeavor that you are proud of, I would LOVE to feature it for you :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Swap with The Country Chic Cottage!

I am swapping blogs today with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage [woo-hoo!]. Angie is an awesome blogger, and The Country Chic Cottage is just filled [and I mean bustin'] with all kinds of DIY treasures- which is why I'm thrilled to share her with you! Oh, and Angie has been kind enough to let me hang out at her blog today, so please be sure to check it out [and make sure I don't embarrass myself]! Thanks and enjoy :)

Hello my name is Angie with The Country Chic Cottage and I am so happy to be here on Salvage Savvy!! Connie's zebra striped table and pillow totally make me swoon! They are totally amazing!! But I am here to talk about me...right??
The Country Chic Cottage is all about home decor and crafting with farmhouse flair!! I love anything vintage and working into my home! I started blogging after a new year's resolution to spruce up my home decor. The twist? No budget to do it with! :) Come on over and follow along with my DIY adventures! Some of my favorite projects...
Pottery Barn Knock Off Lamp
I love to knock off designer home decor at a fraction of the price! This is just one of my faves!!

Rose Petal Chandy
A perfect gift for any little diva! I love decorating for my kids!! Two girls and a boy!

Burlap and Ribbon Pillows
The ultimate in texture for any home! This is one of my most popular projects to date -- and yep I still love em!!

DIY Wrapped Map Canvas
I love map decor!! And this one is easy and gorgeous!!

Stop by the cottage any time for a visit! I would love to have ya! Thanks Connie for the blog swap!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy, Breezy No-Sew Curtains

I am sharing this super easy project because it really is alot of style for very, very little money and effort. Also, if you aren't the world's greatest seamstress [yup, like me] then this is a great way to get a soft, breezy summer look without sewing a stitch!

Here's what I used:
5 1/2 ft. of light-weight gauze fabric (it was on sale for around $2/yard)
Curtain rod w/ rings (the kind that clip)

Here's what I did:

Measure the length of your window from the rod to the floor & cut the fabric to that length to create panel #1.

Using your clips, hang panel #1 over one half of your window.

Now, clip the remaining fabric (panel #2) to the other side of window, overlapping them in the middle by using one clip for both panels (btw- panel #2 should be longer than the first... you don't want them equal sizes).

Now just gather-up the bottom of the long panel and swag it over to the opposite side of the window (this is the side of panel #1).

Use that end curtain rod ring clip to secure the end of your long swagged panel... and that's it!

So easy, right?!

I've Got Several Feature Shout-outs!

I have been featured several places lately, and I wanted to give each a big, "thank you!"

First of all, I want to say thank you to Jen @ Tatertots and Jello for featuring my Zebra Stripe Table on her Weekend Wrap Up Party!

And then, imagine my surprise when I saw that my Vintage Dresser was featured on Goodwill's website entitled Goodwill Goodies! As an avid Goodwill shopper I really can't even tell you how excited it makes me that they found & featured my work!

Also, I'm sending out a huge thank you to Johnnie for featuring my Pillow Project on Saved By Love Creations' Thrifty Thursday!

ThriftyThurs SBLC Buttons

And during my week off Bella @ Bella Before and After featured my Bulletin and Chalk Board Project. Thanks Bella!!

Each and every feature really means so much to me :)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box: Toothbrush Holders

Who invented toothbrush holders? We all have them [if not... eeewwww. Get one.] but when was the last time you went shopping for a toothbrush holder and found something truly unique?? Not just the same old holder with a snazzy finish or color... I mean a toothbrush holder that made you say, "Hey! That's awesome!" [Probably never. Cuz' toothbrush holders aren't awesome. Just functional and decorative and a little pricey.] More than likely you purchased your toothbrush holder because it matched the soap dish.

Well, guess what folks [and this is a shocker, so get ready], toothbrush holders are just vessels that hold a toothbrush. Your toothbrush won't explode if placed in a device that didn't come from the bathroom isle. [This is a simple concept, but I was all excited when I realized it, so bare with me.] Anyway, I decided to get creative and use items that I had around the house for my kids' bathrooms. Here's what I did:

This is actually a candle holder. It's big enough to hold the toothpaste and brush. No DIY required, just look around your home and rethink what you already have!!

And this toothbrush holder is just a vase that's made to hang on the wall. I just put some stones in the bottom for decoration and to get the toothbrush to the height I wanted. Then I hung it on a decorative hook. So. easy. [yes, there's a big ugly outlet in this photo... sorry... it's not cute, but let's just be realistic... my bathroom has outlets and I didn't want to take the time to hide it!]

Here's a little close-up of the stones, I really like the little "spa" feeling that it has!
[Note: this holder is clear, so you're gonna have to keep it clean to avoid that nasty toothpaste goo that always shows up... but shouldn't we be regularly cleaning that nasty stuff anyway?! It's gross.]

And that's it- look around your home and think outside of the box to find a creative way to hold those toothbrushes!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Ideas for Boys' Rooms

I've changed this to my Monday (P)inspiration because since joining Pinterest, it's become my main inspirational pinning board. I just started a few weeks ago, and it's like a file folder for the web. I just love it, and I highly recommend joining if you haven't already. If you would like an invitation, just email me and I'll send you an invite!

Now, onto today's real topic: my son's room. Although he doesn't want a huge change, he does want to freshen it up a little [The boy has had the same room since he was one [and he's now seven], so I thought he'd want a total re-do, but nooooo he's one of those "if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it," practical kind of guys. No fun for his decorating momma!]. Soooo, while the color scheme is already set, I've been looking for accessories and organizational inspiration to make his room special and more age appropriate. Here are a few gorgeous boys' rooms that I found!

This room from Design Sponge is so fresh and fun. What stands out to me are the stripes on the walls, that amazing graphic rug, the roman shade and sculptural light fixture [okay, that's almost everything!].

I love the sophisticated ocher color used in this room from Peppermint Bliss. This is a room that a child can grow into [which is much better than out of]. I love the maps, chalk board and great looking storage. This is just a great room!

The simplicity of this room from Nursery Notations is what makes it so great. The airplane and rug add whimsy and a pop of color, but the room remains calm and inviting. Also, look at that bed small, so great [especially for a wild boy]!

I love this idea from Laura Frantz's blog with amazing photography. I really want to put a chalk board in his room... maybe not this big, though!

I found these last two room at Babble. This just an awesome kids' room. Love it.

And this room is just fun! That bed and canopy is really do-able too!

And that's it for great rooms today!! Happy Monday :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be Back Monday!

I'm taking this week off to focus on the kids and summer fun!

We're off to a good start, don't ya' think?
Will be back Monday refreshed and ready to blog about thrift-tastic stuff ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Followers Rock: Exhibit A

Seriously... you guys amaze me and I am TOTALLY honored that you've chosen to follow me here @ my little blog. Therefore, I've decided to feature a few amazing things that my followers have been up to each week in order to share the love!

One small point: If you are a follower who does not blog... I still REALLY want to feature your work. We all know that you are at home bustn' out great projects and beautiful rooms [now you won't have to wait for company to come over to show off your creative genious!], just snap a photo, email it to me[ ]& I'll show everyone how amazing you are!!!

And another thing: If you are a follower [and have a blog] then I can find you... but if you subscribe via email, then it's much harder to hunt you down, sooooo [if you want me to find and feature you] please become a follower as well. Of course you are always welcomed to email me anything you'd like me to see too!

Now, take a look at this beauty from J and J Home!

Isn't this bench gorgeous?! There is a wonderful tutorial, and I really want to make one for our room... it's so beautiful, I'm totally inspired!

Next, I found this fun beachy frame tutorial by Christine @ Krazy Crafty Lady. I love it. Such beautiful colors [and beautiful children too!] and it's aged perfectly. Great job!!

Amber, a follower from day one [thanks Amber!!], sent me this photo. She was inspired by the Pillow Talk [DIY Style] post and made these awesome pillows with fabric that she already had... which means that the total cost of her project was $0! She even added buttons- so creative! I can't tell you how happy this makes me- I just love seeing what my readers are doing, so if you have been inspired to make a project that you've seen here [pretty] please send it in to me like Amber :)

A mother/daughter blog team at The Revamped Soul is responsible for this beautiful bed. The whole thing is lovely, but my favorite part is definately the amazing French sign... can you believe that was painted free-hand?! So amazing!

See... I told you... my followers ROCK!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Day Challenge- The Wrap-Up Party...

except I'm not really partyn' over here. Cha Cha's 10 Day Challenge @ Sit, Relax and Read is now complete, and I would give myself a solid... well, it's summer break, so let's just skip the grades for now ;)
Out of my list of 11 tasks I completed 4 all the way [if you missed the post last week and actually want to know what they were, check out 10 Day Challenge... Half Way Point]. And then I [got sloppy] and completed another 4 tasks last week... only not really. They are all in different stages of completion at this point. I'll share what I've got done:

#4. Get or make Curtains. I did buy Roman Shades; however, I have changed my mind and will return them this week. I've decided to make them instead [oh-boy!! If you've read this blog long you know I'm no seamstress... just a plain-old sewer wannta-be!!]

#5. Chair makeover. Well, I'm still working on it, so here's a little peak. Pretty glam huh?!
#6. Finish "last touches" in office. Ok, so I am like 90% done with the accessories [but we all know that it's the last 10% that's the killer!]. Sorry, no pictures yet... I am waiting until the "big reveal" for picts!! [Stay tuned].

#7. Paint my son's bed. It is painted. But it's not finished. I've got more painting in store for it... once again, stay tuned for details!

And that is it, folks! The last two items on my list did not happen at all. Not. At. All. Oh-well... I did several tasks that would not have happened otherwise, and I found some new great bloggers who joined the challenge as well- so I am really am glad that I decided to "join the fun!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Playhouses

My dad made this wonderful play house for my kids, and while they've been enjoying it "as is," they really want to get it looking nice on the inside and do a little landscaping [ya' think they've been listening to their momma too much?!].

Well, I promised them that we will get it fixed up this week [before summer is gone...], so the kids made a [little] To Do list:

For the outside:

  • Make a seating area in the "backyard," and add either rocks or mulch.

  • Clean the outside of the house.

  • Plant a flower garden.

  • Install posts to create a welcoming entry.

For the inside:

  • New table and chairs.

  • Clean the inside.

  • Hang a wall divider upstairs.

  • Hang a hammock inside.

  • Get a bed for dolls.

  • Find a play kitchen.

  • Paint
Wow! We are going to be busy [and broke]. We may not be able to make it all happen, but we are going to have fun trying!!

I decided to look to pinterest once again for a little inspiration before beginning.

I like this photo from Avocado and Papaya because it shows a well loved playhouse. Not perfectly decorated or over done, just everything a kid wants to make the space their own and have a few adventures!

Who couldn't have fun in this playhouse from Design- Milk?? I love the fun color, picket fence and dutch door!!

Here are two from Babble. I want this one! Seriously... they'd have to fight momma for a spot if we had this playhouse!

Okay, this one is just plain fabulous [but can you imagine trying to keep it clean?]!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Advice Friday #7- Update for a Special Chair

It's Free Advice Friday here @ Salvage Savvy!!! On the second Friday of each month I answer questions and find design solutions for my readers... so if you have a quesiton please ask me!! It can be a question about salvaging furniture, or arranging furniture, or really just any design question at all. Feel free to email me or even just leave a comment for me and I'll get back with you.
Today's question is a special one for me because it comes from my kids' wonderful [first grade] teacher, Pam! She just retired [and will really be missed by all] and would like to do something with her old teacher chair from her classroom. It sat at her reading table for 30 years... so it's super special!!

Pam would like to use it as a side chair in her dining room [which means it won't get alot of use]. And while the room is currently decorated in the traditional style, she wouldn't mind bringing in a little shabby-chic style to the dining room.
Here is my idea for Pam's chair!

If you are ready to say goodbye to the adorable school house [if you're not ready, then just make the cover and save the paint for another day!], then first you will want to sand the chair really well [especially the metal legs]. Then either spray paint the entire chair in a fresh robin's egg blue or make it all silver by using silver leaf Rub n' Buff over the entire chair. Then you can create the sheer fabric cover.

I found this photo and idea from a book entitled Instant Decorating, by Stewart and Sally Walton. Here are the instructions [you'll need about 3 yards of fabric]:

Use tissue paper to trace the shape of the backrest of the chair. Use that as a template for cutting the back and front of the backrest cover, adding 3/4 inch all around for seams. Pin the template to the fabric, draw around it and cut out the pieces. Trace the shape of the seat in the same way. Transfer onto fabric, again adding 3/4 inch all around for seams.

For the depth of the skirt, measure from the seat edge to the floor, then add 3/4 inch for seam.

For the skirt, add 48 inches to the circumference of the chair seat. Cut as one panel. For the sash, allow 2 yards x 16 inches. Right sides facing, stitch the bottom of the front backrest panel to the top of the seat panel.

Press open all the seams as you go. With right sides together, stitch the front backrest panel to the back.

Hem bottom of the skirt. Press & pin pleats. Hem top of skirt. Sew to seat panel at sides and front and to back panel at back. Fold sash in half, right sides together. Sew seams. Turn right sides out, stitch open end. Tie to chair.

I hope this helps, I think it is a beautiful way to honor a special chair ((hugs)) !!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creating a Fun Nursery

If you are having your first child, then you’ll most likely disregard this post because you are going to want everything new and shiny... however, if you are having your second, third, fourth, etc. then this post might be just what you need!
My beautiful little baby girl is 7 months old now- yay!! In honor of Miss Esther, I am sharing with my wonderful readers [that’s YOU!] her cute little crib area that we “carved” out from a corner in her brother’s room [which was already a unisex room]. It was super easy and super, super inexpensive. Here’s the background story: Esther was very shy and proper during her ultrasound session… which means her legs were shut tight the whole time, and we weren’t sure if she was a girl or boy. However, I had a feeling that this baby was a girl [since my hips were growing as fast as my baby bump and my emotions were… well, off the chart!]. We didn’t want to spend a lot of $ on her room since we felt it would be a temporary situation in her brother’s room.

Here’s what I did to achieve a fun little corner nursery for very little cash:
First of all, the room had polka dots already [easy to do- I just bought several colors of craft paint, traced circles of various sizes and painted them].
Then I hung 4 inexpensive paper lanterns above the crib to go with the circle theme [I didn’t want to do the typical mobile-type-thingy, but I did want to give the baby something fun to gaze at while in the crib]. She loves it when I spin them!
Then I found the tree wall stickers on clearance at T.J. Maxx for $5. I’m not sure how they fit into the polka dot theme, but I loved them so let’s just say the tree adds whimsy [that’s what designers say when they can’t explain what they’re doing!].
Now, I didn’t focus on the bedding because [this is where new moms will tune out…] it’s really expensive and if we are being perfectly honest… no one really sees much of it except for the bumper pad and crib sheet. I have a wonderful blanket that my sister made for our oldest child- it doesn’t match this new room perfectly, but it’s special so that’s what I use! I also already had a solid white bumper pad which matched already, so that just left the little matter of a dust ruffle. I went to multiple stores and experienced something unexpected- the least expensive plain white dust ruffle for a crib was like $24, and I didn’t even really like it!! So, I walked away saying to myself, “there’s got to be a better way.” And there was: an unused pillow case. I just removed the stitching on one side and then cut the other side to make it one long piece of fabric. Then it was too long, so I made a pleat in the middle [using safety pins… so classy] to get it to the right size. Finally, I busted out my fancy safety-pins again and pinned the whole thing to the box spring. And that’s it! So easy [and so free]!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am a guest of the Hepworths today..

I am super excited to be a guest blogger for The House of Hepworths today!! If you don't know about Allison's fan-tabulous blog [I'm betting that most of you do, though!] then please go check it out- it's one of my favorites!


And if you are visiting me today from HoH... WELCOME!!! Thanks for stopping by, I'm so very glad to have you here... you totally just made me smile [now please browse around and read a bit... hopefully I am able to return the favor!]. For starters, you may want to check out a post that I recently wrote entitled A few things you should probably know about me... it's a quick way to know who you are dealing with here at Salvage Savvy ;)

In the meantime- here's a beautiful picture, because every post needs one right?! This is a gorgeous bathroom from House Beautiful. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finding Inspiration... Summer Fun!

Believe it or not, I really do think about more than just painting, designing and decorating things [sometimes]. This week I am thinking about summer. Mainly because my kids' summer vacation is half over [unbelievable, right?!] and I realize that I need to blog less & enjoy it more. So, here I am... blogging about it [pitiful!]. Here are several images and ideas that I found on pinterest. Enjoy!

Summer picnics... just lovely. My grandma used to make everyday things beautiful and special. I would like to make one picnic beauitful and memorable for the kids!

Dinners outside in the backyard. So lovely... but this photo doesn't show the bugs, does it?!

This idea/photo is from The Crafting Chicks. So. much. fun.

Love this list! Think we can do all of this in 5 weeks?!

I'm going to do my best :) What have you been meaning to do this summer?? Time is running out!

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