Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Styling a [thrift-tastic] Entry Table

Here is my newly styled Entry Table... pretty cute, huh? [if I do say so myself]. Want to know what makes it extra cute? Thriftiness. I found all of these accessories [not the sunburst mirror, I already had it] for about $30. I found the glass vases @ Goodwill for just a couple dollars each. There are always a ton of glass vases at any thrift store. I just sifted through them until I found three that worked for my plan [I was thinking scale: large / function: candle holders / form: simple]. I had planned on using Looking Glass Mirror Like Spray Paint [by Krylon] to make them look like Mercury Glass; however, once I put the white candles in, I liked the simple & clean look of plain glass. So, [for now] I'm keeping them as-is.

I wanted to mix [muted] silver & gold accessories in order to "play off" the sunburst mirror. So when I found this bird I instantly fell in love with him [Yes, it is a boy. And his name is Oliver. Don't ask me why- I'm only telling you what my daughter has informed me.]. Right next to him was the pewterish/goldish pot [which is signed and numbered by the artist...]. I snatched it up as if it were the last candy bar in the kids' halloween bucket [did I just admit that?!]!! The white planter was on clearance at Target, and then I got creative and transplanted a fern from my yard to keep costs as low as possible.

Now for the truly amazing find. A fellow thrifter found this 3ft x 4ft mirror @ Goodwill for $19.99 [thanks Wendy!!]. She's a rock star. Now I have an entry that says "Welcome [to my unique and thrifty home]." What does your entry say??

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yay!! My First Guest Post!

I am so very excited... please check out Jen's [super cool] guest post at Craft-O-Maniac today :) Thanks Jen, I am honored!!

A few things you should probably know about me…

[If you like this blog]. I was catching-up with a friend who said she had been reading and enjoyed my blog [thanks Traci!!]… then she asked me when I find the time to do my projects. I started rambling on about how crazy and unorganized my life is and how I’m basically driving myself nuts trying to keep up. She looked at me so sweetly and said, “I would have never guessed that from your blog.” Those words have stuck with me because I really, really hope that I am not coming across as some Martha Stewart, Mrs. Cleaver, “I’ve got it all together” lady.

Therefore, here’s a list that’s [sadly] 100% me:

  1. I am not a morning person… I kind of want to home school my kids just so we can sleep in everyday.

  2. My daily “leaving-the-house-routine:” 1. Get into car. 2. Start car. 3. Get out of car. 4. Run into house to get [fill in anything here- sunglasses, mail, etc.]. 5. Item isn’t where I thought it should be, begin searching home. 6. Husband finds item for me. 7. Thank Husband. 8. Get back into car. 9. Repeat steps 4-8 at least two more times before leaving.

  3. My half of the closet is usually messy. My husband’s side is pristine.

  4. One of the only reasons I still have a “land line” telephone is to call my cell phone when I can't find it in my house [which is daily]…

  5. One time I went to put something in my oven and discovered a tray with chicken nuggets on it… which means that the day before one [or both] of my children did not get their lunch… and to this day I still have no idea what happened.

  6. My husband does the laundry. Sometimes he’ll leave and ask me to switch the load for him… and I never remember. It's not that I “put it off” or choose not to do it, I honestly don’t ever remember.

  7. I’ve been 5 pounds away from my goal weight for the past 12 years… but I refuse to believe that it’s never going to happen.

  8. You know that family who always walks in late for church… I’m the mom of “that family.

  9. I have convinced my children that the tooth fairy is an avid vacation-er who takes waaaay to much time off work. When they wake-up and discover their tooth still under the pillow we talk trash about her shotty workmanship!

  10. I can get the upstairs of my home clean. I can get the downstairs of my home clean. I am very rarely able to get both of them clean simultaneously.

  11. I just love starting projects… but finishing them, not so much. Salvage Savvy forces me to finish stuff… hey, blogging is time consuming, but it’s way cheaper than therapy!!

So now you know... I love doing DIY projects. Unfortunately dinner is usually on the stove burning while I'm doing them!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Decorating my Entry table

This morning I've got foyers on the brain. If you read my weekend post you know why. #1 on my 10 Day Challenge list is styling my entry table.
If you didn't see it, here's a link, so that you can [point and laugh] know what I'm referring to here. I know. Sad. I repainted my table a couple months ago and I managed to style it for my blog photo, which was alright... but there was a problem. Almost everything was taken from another spot in my home, so when I returned it all I was left with... leftovers. Sooooo, it's time to finish what I started and create a welcoming entry for our home [because a sad left-over-blog-photo-shoot table doesn't say "welcome" does it?!]. Here are a few foyer pictures that I found [in my favorite spot.. House Beautiful] to inspire me:
This entry is so calm, but still super stylish and fun. I do wonder, though- was that chair thrown in for the photo shoot or is it always there? I'd whack my toe on it every time I walked by if I had a chair sticking-out into the hallway like that...

I love the scale of this entry table-scape. I have alot of height to work with, but not alot of width, so this is very appropriate for my space [but I won't be mirroring the same table on the opposite wall... I have a foyer, not a grand entrance!].I love the inter-play of traditional and contemporary styles here. In my opinion this is eclectic done right... mixing totally contemporary items/colors with strictly traditional items makes both feel fresh and fun. I don't see myself going pink... but I do love this foyer!
Alright... so now I have my inspiration [from people with lots of $$$], now it's time to go see what I can do with a tiny bit of $ lots of inspiration!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ok, I'm joining in the "fun"... yikes!

Cha Cha @ Sit Relax and Read issued a challenge [which, ironically does not involve sitting, relaxing or reading... in fact, quite the opposite]!

Ten Tasks

I have all kinds of projects that need to be done, so I decided join in the madness and get busy!
Here's my list:
1. Finish decorating my foyer table [upon seeing this photo I'm definately doing this one first now!].

2. Hang my new sculpted yarn lamp... see Mon. & Friday's posts if you'd like the gorry-details on that [fabulous] project.

3. Hang my curtain rods [with help from my super hero hubby].

4. Get or make curtains.
5. Chair makeover [assumng it can be salvaged... yea it's, bad].

6. Finish those "last touches" in the office [so I can be DONE with this project & move on with my life!]

7. Paint My son's bed. 8. Paint over the 2 pink polka dots in my son's room- he used to share it with his sister, and now he wants all pink gone, I can't blame him! [This photo is old but it shows both the bed and the dreaded pink polka dot!]

9. Make a HUGE bulletin board for his room.

10. Make [& hang] another sculpted yarn lamp for his room [because the first one was soooo much fun to make... sarcasm]. But he just loves it [awesome for me... more sarcasm].
11. Figure out some way to make this little area look better because it's just not workn' for me anymore.

Will I be able to do it? Probably not [just keepn' it real]. But even if get half done... that's still great! What projects are hanging over your head??? Click on her little button and you, too can join in the [craziness] fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It worked! [Now I need to]

Yay! The string project was a success [this explaination is dedicated to two of my wonderful followers, Cindy & Amber]! I waited a few days to share the results because I was hoping to give you all a beautiful, "And here it is!" blog moment, you know... one of those perfect photos with sunlight streaming into the room as my newly sculpted yarn lamp hangs in a beautifully decorated area.

That's what I wanted to do. But I'm not sure how to hang it. And my room isn't complete yet. And it's a pretty gloomy day so I don't even have a sun-lit room right now. Sooooo... this is the best I can do today! Anyway, I'm just pleased that it isn't a pile of yarn [I really thought it would be]! Hopefully I'll get [it done] so I can share a nice photo!

100 Followers & Counting!!

I have some "weekly wrap-up" stuff to share:
First, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Rachel @ One Pretty Thing for featuring my Large Hand Antiqued Mirror on her Daily DIY. Yay!! Thanks Rachel :)

Next, I want to address the fact that lately I've been changing the look of my site... alot! I keep tweeking it in an effort to get it the way I really want it to look. I'm new to all this, so thanks for your patience as I [attempt to] get it right!! If I stumble onto a look that you like [or even one that you don't], feel free to tell me, I'd love your input!!

Another thing- I [finally] started a Facebook page for Salvage Savvy. I realized that if I'm going to blog I need to go ahead and do the whole fb thing too. Soooo- if you do, in fact, like Salvage Savvy, could take one second to click on the "like" button on the sidebar [pretty please?!]? Thanks so much!!

And last, but certainly not least- I have a little Woo-Hoo Moment for the blog... Salvage Savvy is in the triple digits!! YAY!!! I want to say thanks to Glamourie for being my 100th follower :) And I want to give big ((hugs)) to all of you who follow Salvage Savvy or subscribe via email, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! If you aren't a follower yet then I want to encourage you to start today... it just takes a few clicks and makes me soooo happy!!

Thanks everyone & have a super weekend :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making a Bulletin & Chalk Board

Yesterday I shared "The Great Wall of Organization," which will be the work horse of my Mega Mini Office Makeover [Too many slogans? Perhaps.]. Well, today I am sharing a quick little tutorial about how I made my bulletin and chalk boards.

Bulletin Board DIY:

What you need:

  • Large empty frame (I spray painted mine white [big surprise])

  • Homasote Board cut to the size of your frame opening (can be purchased @ home improvement stores... typically comes in 2'x4' sheets.)

  • Fabulous fabric of your choice (Add at least 4" wider and longer than your homasote board to allow for 2" boarder on all sides)

  • Staple gun [and if you have staples for it, that's helpful!]

  • Packing tape

  • What you do:

    1. Lay your homasote board onto the fabric with at least 2" on all sides.

    2. If you have a pattern with lines, make sure they are nice and straight before you begin.

    3. Staple down the top edge, then pull it tight and staple the bottom edge.

    4. Now do the same thing for your sides.

    5. Now onto corners [the fun part...]. I pull the corner piece of fabric diagonally into the frame so the corner is really tight and staple. You will have two loose pieces on both sides, just fold them over the center piece (tightly) and staple them as well. The good news is that you're putting this in a frame... so don't worry if it's not perfect [actually, please don't ever worry about that... your life will be instantly better!].

    6. Now put your fabric covered homasote board into your frame and tape it securely into the frame with your packing tape [I am positive that there's a more proper way to secure it into the frame, but it would most likely involve figuring out what to do, going to the store and buying the stuff, then actually doing it... tape is easier.] [BTW- refer to my comment in #5 if you dislike this solution :) ]

    7. That's it... now just hang it!

    Chalk Board

    What you need:

  • Large empty frame (again, I painted mine white).

  • A board to fit inside.

  • Chalkboard Paint

    1. What you'll do:

      1. Paint your board as directed on the can.

      2. Put it into the frame

      3. Yea... really no need for this chalk board tutorial :)

      *Side Note: are you wondering what the L P & S stand are all about? No, it isn't anything to do with a person's initials... One of my favorite scriptures is 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline." I need to remember this every. single. day. Whenever I see the L, P & S it's just a little reminder for me!

      Come See My Organizational Bliss!

      My Mega Mini Office Makeover is slowly taking shape! Today I'm sharing with you fine folks the brains & brawn of my room... what I affectionately refer to as, "The Great Wall of Organization." But first, [in order to build the anticipation] please let me introduce you to the [rag-tag] bunch of organizational items that I used to create this fantastic wall [please don't be jealous... I know it's awesome stuff]! I used several baskets that I've had, some shelves that the owners of our first home left behind [yea... not nice enough to make it onto their moving truck!], two old file cabinets that I purchased from the Goodwill [one was $7.99 and the other was $9.99... not sure what made it $2 more!], and a slab door that was $22.

      I purchased paint, paint [and more paint]. Then I began painting. And I kept painting. Then I painted some more. Finally, I did a couple other projects [stay tuned for those...]. And here's my Great Wall of Organizational Bliss!!

      Alright, so here's what I love about it. It is 100% functional but not stuffy, boring or cluttered. Also, I've left myself "room to grow."

      Those baskets on the shelves are empty, the file cabinets aren't completely full, and the bench seat is empty [at least as of this moment anyway!].

      I can also add shelving above the desk area in the future if necessary. Here's the thing: we all know that "stuff" finds its way into offices, so I have included little hidden spaces for that "stuff." Consider it a designer's pre emptive strike on crap!

      Next, I made sure that there was uncluttered [as of now... hee, hee] desk space. This office is for the whole family, so there will be multiple people and/or computers in here, and lets face it... long flat surfaces are precious commodities. This is a little "extra" space that I was able to carve out and it may just end-up being the best seat in the house! Finally, I am sooo pleased with my oversized bulletin and chalk boards [as you can see, the kids found the chalk!]. For some reason [I blame it on my kids] my ability to remember anything is gone... therefore, I desperately need to write everything down [I know, sad.]. And now I can do it in style!!

      Yay! One wall is done... now I just need to finish the remaining 4!

      Monday, June 20, 2011

      Place your bets now...

      Who needs Vegas baby, when you've got DIY projects like this?! I did this yesterday, and now the suspense is killn' me! Once it dries completely [soon hopefully... but I can't rush it which is also killn' me] I'll deflate the ball and find out if all my hard work was worth it [or not].
      And let me tell you... it was hard work. I [loosely] followed the instructions from a blog called Pickles. This is how their light turned out. Beautiful.
      I've done this project on a much smaller scale before, and it went great. Well, here's what I learned about doing this [very large-scale] project. It's a good project to try if you 1. enjoy stressful situations 2. enjoy getting terribly messy and 3. have a good helper [who's actually excited about helping]. I was 0 for 3 in that list so it wasn't the best project for me [nor was it an enjoyable afternoon!]. Therefore, if this doesn't turn out... oooo I'll be annoyed! And honestly, I'm not so sure it will. Well, I'll know soon enough and I promise to show you a picture of the final project- will it be a beautiful hanging light [or a pile of yarn]? Place your bets now...

      Friday, June 17, 2011

      My Oh My, do I have some shout-outs this week!

      This post is super exciting for me because I get to send SIX shout-outs to blogs who featured a Salvage Savvy project this week... Woo-Hoo!! I've been smiling all week :)

      So excited that Amanda @ Craft Gossip found me!CraftGossip

      Thanks to Vanessa for featuring my dresser @ Nifty Thrifty!

      I was featured at Rebecca's super fun blog, My Girlish Whims!

      Desiree @ The 36th Avenue too... thanks so much!!36th Avenue

      Allison @ House of Hepworths also featured me- Thanks!!IhookedupwithHoHlamespice

      I mentioned this one on Monday, but I'm still pumped about it!Visit

      So that's it... what a busy & awesome week!! As a new blogger I can't thank these ladies enough- every single feature is such a blessing :)

      Thursday, June 16, 2011

      Quick Change Photo Gallery [super easy to make!]

      Do you have a piece of fabric, wallpaper, etc. that is too small to use for a large project, but too special to throw away [or do you just like this idea]?? Here's a great project!!
      I made this little photo gallery area and I'm super excited about it. Not because they are a ground-breaking design [but they are awesome... I can change photos in and out with only a tack... how easy is that?!], but because they are special. [This could be a very long story, but I’ll [try to] give you the quick version... I know too late already!]
      I grew up in an old farm house [it’s around 120 years old now], and a few years ago I found a section of left-over wallpaper from the master bathroom. I have no idea how old the wallpaper is, but I do know that it was already there when my parents moved into the home in the early 1960’s. As a child I always loved their master bathroom because it felt very French and glamorous to me [fancy wallpaper, beautiful scalloped tiles, glass door knobs, etc.]. So anyway, the section of wallpaper wasn’t very large, but it was in perfect condition and I couldn’t bare to throw it away. Well, you know me [after all, I am the Salvage Savvy gal], I took it home thinking that someday I’d find just the right place for it [in the meantime I stored it in my super messy office]. Well, now I get to use it in my new [still super, but not messy] office!

      Here's what you need:
      Frames (glass & backing removed)
      Homasote board (can be purchased in 2ft x 4ft sections at home improvement stores)
      Spray Paint (I used white primer & gloss white paint)
      Latex Paint (I used a titanium color)
      Tintable Glaze

      Here’s what I did:
      I found inexpensive frames from the Goodwill [I spent $8 altogether]. It took several trips to different Goodwill stores, I didn’t “luck-out” and find them all right away. Patience is a virtue [and impatience inevitably costs more, so take your time if possible!]

      Then I removed the backing and got rid of all of the [super snazzy] pictures inside.

      Next, I primed them [using a primer spray paint], and then spray painted them in a glossy white finish. They were instantly better [they had been sitting around the house for weeks, and when I brought them in nicely painted my super hero hubby suddenly noticed them and said, “Where did you buy those?” In his “How much $ were those??” Voice]. Paint is just amazing!

      I could have been done, but [since I’m a glaze addict] I decided that I wanted to give them a little depth. I mixed titanium paint with tintable glaze (1 part paint to 2 parts glaze) and used a cloth to wipe it on [making sure to get into the recessed areas]… and then used another cloth to wipe it off [making sure not to wipe it out of the recessed areas].

      Next, I measured-out each frame size onto the homasote board and my super hero hubby used a skill-saw to cut them out [according to him, it’s an easy cut… but it is messy so be prepared.].

      Then, I took the homasote boards and arranged them on the wall paper to make sure I cut each one in an “interesting” spot [this wallpaper is so beautiful, I don’t know how I could’ve messed that up, though.]. Next I just cut the wallpaper with plain-old scissors.

      The last step was to lay the wallpaper in the frames, then lay the homasote board behind them and replace the backing on each frame. That’s it!

      There was one frame where the homasote was too thick, so I just secured the back with packing tape [I know, high tech right?!] and added a new wall hanger right into the homasote board… super easy.
      Now I can easily change my photos… whenever I want! Super easy and high-style! And the best part is that I now have a bit of my parent’s “glamorous” bathroom in my office to enjoy!

      linked up @

      Sunday, June 12, 2011

      The Good, the Bad & the Ugly [I can't believe I'm showing this...]

      See my fancy new button?!? Not just anybody gets one of these bad-boys [well, technically I guess anyone could get one… but that would just be pitiful to post an un-earned button, right?!]. And I earned this one, baby!! I submitted the zebra striped table to the CSI Project last week and it made the top 10! Here’s what makes it super great for me- the blogger gal whose blog inspired me to begin blogging was the judge… Mandi from Vintage Revivals!! I discovered her on Nate Berkus’ website [if you remember, he’s one of my faves]. She had been on his show for House Proud, and I just instantly liked her. So you see… the fact that she put me in the top 10 just makes me smile, it’s almost as if Nate himself liked it too [ok, it isn’t like that at all but just let a gal dream!]. Thanks Mandi and thank you to the CSI Girls for hosting the contest! I am posting this button with pride.


      Now, onto the next order of business, are you wondering how the Mega Mini Office is going? Well, here’s my update- “Eeeeek, it’s never going to be finished!” [How is that for inspirational blogging?] I am doing project after project [after project]. It is coming together… just slowly. And last week I was organizing, throwing away and donating a ton of stuff from the old office… nothing exciting to blog about [but sooooo necessary]. Here's one example of what I've been [pulling my hair out over] dealing with trying to empty-out the old office.

      I’m sharing this picture [because I enjoy embarrassing myself] because it only seems fair. You see, I’ve shared so many photos of beautiful spaces in my house… and I just don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea. It’s not always fabulous and pulled together here in the Salvage Savvy household [insert super hero hubby's laughter here]! My office was BAD… which is why I am really putting alot of time and thought into the organization of my new [much smaller] office. And I am getting rid of anything that will stand in my way! My closing statement for this post: "With God as my witness I shall never have a messy office again." [please pray for me folks!].

      Friday, June 10, 2011

      Free Advice Friday #6- How to convince your Husband...

      Sorry there was no question last Friday… [If you actually noticed that it was missing then you are a rock-star Salvage Savvy reader… Rock ON my friend!!] I have decided to start doing these posts on the second Friday of each month rather than each week. Therefore, after today the next one will be on July 8th.
      Alright, now on to the business of the day: today’s question is from Melissa and she has a problem. She loves this duvet from Pottery Barn, but her husband does not [he feels that it is too feminine]. Melissa asked if I have any suggestions on how to persuade him that this duvet would look great in their room.

      Well Melissa, I really don’t [I know, big help, right?!]. Truthfully, it is a bit “girlie,” but it is very, very pretty and certainly not over-the-top. I would recommend finding the middle ground [which means compromise]. One possible option would be to use a coordinating solid-color duvet and then incorporate this fabric into your pillows and/or sheets. Or, you can use the fabric as a detail somewhere in the room. Purchase a single flat sheet and use it for a project [wrap a canvas to make it artwork, cover a lampshade with it, frame 4 different areas of it and create a gallery wall, wrap a bulletin board, add it to curtains as a boarder, etc.]. Another compromise idea is to use the duvet, but then hang a sports poster or something else manly above the bed to balance things out [yeaaaa- totally kidding, don't do that].

      One last idea... just buy it but don't open the package [ throw it in your closet with the receipt and wait]. What are you waiting for? You are are waiting for Pottery Barn to release its next catalog... whenever I buy something from them I end-up liking next season's stuff better anyway! Then, you can return your purchase and [hopefully] he'll like next season's duvet better too!!

      Thursday, June 9, 2011

      If only blogging burned more calories...

      'cuz if it did, I'd look like this.

      But it doesn't. And I don't.

      About 2 months ago I was like, "Hey, I think I'll start a blog." I. had. no. idea.
      I might as well have said, "Hey, I think I'll have one more child..." [seriously, I have a 6 month old daughter and I don't know if I spend more time with her or this blog!].
      Please don't get me wrong. I love writing. I love creating and sharing projects and ideas. I love, love [love] connecting with and being inspired by so many amazing and creative people. Link Parties are awesome and I have been blessed to be featured 10 times in 6 weeks. I am soooo not complaining. I just have this internal-battle-thing happening because these are my two objectives: -figure out how to grow my blog -figure out how to find a balance [meaning less time on the computer and more time... not on the computer].

      Are these two goals even compatable?! I'm sure this is a common issue, and I'd love to hear from you if you've dealt with it too! Also, I am learning as I go [because I knew virtually NOTHING about blogs before I began] so any advice is sincerely welcomed. In addition to my previously mentioned question, here are some more questions for all of my lovely readers [it's not necessary to stick to this list... I realize that I don't even know what questions to ask at this point!]:

      1. How much time each day do you spend on blogs (either yours or others)?

      2. What type of posts do you enjoy the most here @ Salvage Savvy?

      3. What are the best ways to attract more followers to your blog? (If you don't have a blog, then I'd love to know what inspires you to click that little "Follow" button when you visit one for the first time!]

      4. If you've been blogging for awhile, what do you wish you had known sooner?

      5. What methods have you found to be most successful in growing your blog?

      Thanks for any and all help [and BTW if you know how to make blogging burn more calories you DEFINATELY must leave me that little tip...]!

      Tuesday, June 7, 2011

      How to Paint a Dresser

      Remember this dresser from my Every Home Needs a Story post [the one that put the "ug" in ugly]? Today I’m going to share with you how I transformed it!

      Here’s what I did:
      First, prepare the dresser. Remove all hardware, and if you are lucky enough to find a dresser with stickers all over it like mine [sarcasm] then apply Goo Gone to them and use a straight-edged razor blade to scrape them off. Then wash everything off with mild soap and water to get rid of any residue.
      Now, sand the surface lightly. This dresser didn’t have a glossy surface, so it didn’t take much work.

      Finally, it’s time to paint! [sort of] I used a sandable spray paint primer. I like to use this primer whenever I’m painting with latex paint because it’s fast and easy [music to any DIY-er’s ears!]. Once it dried, I sanded it again [very lightly] and then wiped it all down with a cloth.

      Next, I used Behr’s Paint & Primer in One, and it's for exteriors [No, this dresser won’t be sitting outside… I live in the country, but I’m not hillbilly… yet]. I like to use exterior grade paint for interior projects because it’s more durable. I applied three very thin coats. [Tip for a smooth finish, watch your brush strokes while painting… you want them to be straight, smooth and even.]
      Alright, now turn your attention to the hardware.
      Mine was beautiful, but funky [50 years of “yuck”]. I soaked & scrubbed them with a toothbrush [no, not my super hero hubby’s… my son’s. Just kidding!!]. Then, I busted out the love of my [DIY] life. Rub ‘n Buff [silver for this project]. I just love, love, love this stuff. If you have never used it, go and get some right now. I promise you’ll be rubbing and buffing all around your home in no time! The handles were originally black, and I wanted some of that to still show, so I rubbed it on sparingly and unevenly.
      I then did the same thing for the dresser’s metal legs.
      Finally, I wanted the dresser’s top to be silver as well…

      so time for more Rub ‘n Buff! I particularly like using it on wood, because it gives it a buffed look [thus the name] and isn’t at all shiny or fake. It is a little harder to use on large surfaces. I really had to buff it out with a cloth for a nice, even finish.
      Once drawers are dry, put the hardware back on and you’re done!! That's how I turned a dresser that was so ugly [I was embarrassed to even walk-up and tear off the ticket @ Goodwill] into a show-piece and inspiration for my [future] office.

      Visit Just linked it up!

      Sunday, June 5, 2011

      Finding Inspiration... Window Treatments

      First of all... can you believe it?! Two more features... wow!! My DIY Pillow Project was featured @ Nifty Thrifty on Sunday! Thanks Vanessa!

      And Jamie @ C.R.A.F.T. also featured it on M.M.M. Day's party. I couldn't be more pleased, thank you ladies!!


      Well... I am still working on my mega mini office makeover, folks [Do you have any idea how much time is added to a project when you factor in a 5 month old baby girl and 2 kids off school for the summer?! Well, I have an idea... LOTS! And I'm loving every minute of it!]. Soooo, today I am looking at window treatments for my office... cuz' I don't have any... and I need some.

      I always need inspiration in this department because I'm just not a big "fan" of fancy curtains, which means if I'm not careful, my window treatments end-up looking a little... plain. Here are several really pretty ones that I found at House Beautiful. Now I just have to decide what will look best in my office... and what I can achieve on my super-thrifty budget! In the meantime, come dream with me!

      I tend to gravitate toward roman shades. These are done beautifully and I love, love the pattern. I also like how the two panels work together side-by-side.

      These are beautiful because the construction is simple, but the fabric is amazing.

      These are interesting because they are two curtains in which the fabric has been overlaid. What a great idea... how can I incorporate it into my curtains? Hmmm...

      The print on these curtains caught my eye. It reminds me of the print I painted on my table [Painted Zebra Stripe Foyer Table]. I like a little funky patterns now and then to spice-up a room, but they must be what I call "sophisticated funk" and this is perfect!
      Well, enough dreaming. Now I must take some action! Which curtains do you like the best??

      Friday, June 3, 2011

      New Life for an Old Pew

      Well this has just been a weird blogging week. Memorial Day, the kids being on summer break [which is a big YAY!], my internet not working for a day and the fact that I’m knee-deep in my mini mega office makeover have all kept me from doing much here at Salvage Savvy. So here I am… sneaking away to my computer at 5:30 in the morning in order to at least share with you one good project this week!!

      Here’s the story of my church pew project:
      My dad gave me this pew a few months ago [my super hero hubby was like, “Awesome. A church pew. Where exactly is that going in our house?” I assured him that I had a plan… which I did… kind of]. However, I knew that no matter where it went, I wanted it to be bright and cheery [and white].
      Here’s the funny thing [when I say "funny" I mean "pitiful"]. Remember when I spray painted that zebra striped entry table, and I specifically said, “However, I will caution you that if you are doing a large, totally flat surface [table tops, the side of a dresser, etc.] it is difficult to get a really nice, even finish using spray paint [which is my professional way of saying don’t use it.].” Well, I decided that rules are just made to be broken and went out and bought about 150 cans of white spray paint [actually 5 or 6]. Soooo, three cans of spray paint later, here’s what my pew looked like:

      As it turns out, rules are not made to be broken. Rules are made to be followed in order to make life easier and less complicated. [Don't worry, the irony was not lost on me that I learned this lesson while working on a CHURCH pew!] D’oh. Back to the store to purchase semi-gloss latex exterior paint [I chose exterior paint because it’s more durable]. A few coats of paint later and, voila- a cheery, happy church pew, ready for my home [now...where to put it?!].
      I realize that this isn't the greatest picture, but if you want to see a better one, just check out my blog header...

      Oh, and I was just featured again this morning- woo-hoo! Bella @ Bella Before and After featured my mirror, go check out her top 10 features [because obviously she has amazing taste]!!

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