Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Already... Seriously?!

This is me today.

So. much. to do [in real life & blogland]. [Is it seriously Thursday already?] I've been spinning my wheels all week [in real life] and I don't even know what I've accomplished. [Is it seriously Thursday already?] Did I promise my big Mega Mini Office Makeover Reveal this week? Yes, I'm pretty sure I did- but that may not happen because it's still not quite done... and even if it was I don't have time to take pictures... or write the post! [Is it seriously Thursday already?]

Oh, and guess what. On a related side note: disassembling an 8 month-old's crib [so you can paint it] is a terrible idea when you don't have a back-up crib. Ok, I must stop typing now... I have a screaming baby on my lap who needs a nap [where she'll sleep, I have no idea]. Is it seriously Thursday already?!

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