Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spreadin' the love!

Guess what. This blog has been up and running for a little less than 4 months.
Guess what. While checking my stats I discovered that in less than 4 months I've had 42,712 pageviews. Wow, right?! [And I'm guessing that only 39,000 of those clicks were me checking my stats...]. I am overwhelmed by that number and feel so blessed by you all.
The only thing I can do is say thank you. Thank you to every reader, thank you to my followers & email subscribers, thank you to every blogger who has allowed me to share my projects at your link parties, and thank you to every person who has shared a Salvage Savvy post on facebook, posted a comment, pinned a project on your Pinterest board or said, "Hey, you should check out Salvage Savvy." to a friend. I am inspired by your kindness and I am so. very. appreciative. Thanks :)

Now it's time to send my shout-outs and thank you's to bloggers who have featured a Salvage Savvy project this month!
Thanks to Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville for featuring my Large Hand-Antiqued Mirror!
And Rachel at One Pretty Thing featured my Painted Glass Vases, which pleases me so very much :) Thank you Rachel.
Perfectly Imperfect has featured my Vintage Dresser and Zebra Table this month... wow!! Thanks so much.
The Handmade Home is a great blog that I've recently discovered, and I want to say thank you to Ashley for featuring my Zebra Striped table!
This week Kelsey @ Kelsey Inspired featured my Painting tutorial! Thank you Kelsey :)
And lastly, a big thank you to Leanne @ Organize and Decorage Everything for featuring my DIY Pillow Project!
Wow... that's not too shabby! I know these posts aren't the most fun... but they really are important to me!!


  1. Hey I LOVE your blog! I can't believe you have only been open for 4 months!! Whats the secret? (I guess I should actually post more on mine... lol)I found you via Pinterest and subscribed right away! :)
    Come say hi anytime!

  2. Connie, Awhile back we discussed the paper lanterns as an option in the nursery verses a traditional mobile...well they are up and looking fab! I will say my hubby doubted me but they are perfect! After purchasing them online, buying ribbon to hang them with, and cup hooks to screw into the ceiling we spent a whole 15.00!! I will be sure to send you a pic! Now we have since moved on to my daughters room-don't want her feeling left out- and I'm wanting to make her a headboard...any suggestions? I do not sew and we don't have an old headboard to use?! I bought material and we have some plywood in the garage...have you ever did anything like this? Thanks so much! Chat with you soon!

  3. Congrats! That's great growth for your blog... seriously, what's your secret? :)


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