Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Wallpaper

Today I'm looking at gorgeous wallpaper... and let me tell you, Pinterest has plenty of them! I had to narrow it down for today's (p)inspiration, so here are my top picks.
This photo from The Paris Apartment comes first because it's a fave. Here's what I love about it: subdued elegance.

Osborne & Little has this foil wallpaper that is amazing. I love the way it changes with the light and provides a bold look without overtaking the space.

Here's a great looking wallpaper from Domestic. I love silhouettes anyway, and this one does not disappoint!

I like this room because it shows how a small amount of wallpaper can make a huge impact when used correctly. Here it actually fuctions [visually anyway] as a headboard. Notice it's almost the only pattern used, yet this room in My Ideal Home feels full of life & energy.

Coco & Kelley shows how to get plenty of drama into your entry using wallpaper. This is a really big and bold print, yet it is gorgeous and sophisticated at the same time. So cute.

Here's an alternative use for wallpaper from Apartment Therapy. Someday I want to redo our staircase [super hero hubby, if you're reading this... don't worry... I said someday!] and I think doing something like this would be gorgeous.

And last, but soooo not least is this show-stopping room from Decorati. I love the flawless balance of bold colors & patterns. This is wallpaper done right. [But that painting kind of freaks me out... don't think I'd want to sleep next to that... but that's just me.]


  1. What a good idea for the odd shaped room...using the wall paper to create a cool "headboard"!!

  2. I absolutely love the one with the white bead looking paper... So cute! I'm going to try to find something similar for my house!

  3. Amazing pics.. I love the wallpaper on the risers and the last pic with the orange and blue hues - stunning ! (but not the framed pic).

  4. Interesting!! Thanks for reading though :) If you can keep trying, that would be great. It's not because I absolutely want to see you in the followers section lol but because of future followers! I a;ready contacted blogger because people like less problems when visiting a new blog lol. of course there is no pressure. when you have time, you can just try...wierd! ;)

  5. These are really some beautiful wallpaper finds! I'm too chicken to take the wallpaper plunge, but I can certainly appreciate looking at it! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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