Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Organization

This week I'm daydreaming about... being organized [heavy emphasis on the word dreaming]. School will be starting soon [Can you believe that?! Remember the good old days when school began in September?] and I would really, really love to get my entire home organized once again. I am so. very. far. from that actually happening... instead I've been oooing & awwwing on Pinterest about others' ability to organize [ya' think looking @ pictures on the computer rather than actually organizing my home has something to do with my lack of accomplishment?]. Hmmm. Details, shme-tails, let's see those pretty pictures and start dreamn'!!

This work area from 6th Street Design School is gorgeous. I particularly like that towel rod idea. Very nice.


has this super beautiful and yet very functional space. I'm thinking you could make it uber-functional by having a grocery clipboard, to-do clipboard, school reminders clipboard... you get the idea!
I discovered this creative idea for making the most of a tight space from Inspiration for Decoration via pinterest. Most people have that one closet in their home where you tie a rope around your waist and tell your husband to pull you out if you're not back in an hour [right?!]. This is a great way to bring that "stuff" out in the open where it's actually accessible!

The Yellow Cape Cod shares this organizational space for the family. Such a simple idea, and yet my jaw dropped! Why don't I have this in my home?! So cute and yet completely functional!
I threw this image in just because it's amazingly unrealistic [at least for me]. Then I saw that it came from Crazy Domestic and I just smiled, because... yes, that is exactly what it is! Martha Stewart is probably even a little intimidated by this pantry, but the organizational side of me just loves it!

Finally, I'm going to leave you with this thought...

LOL!!! I just love this saying :)


  1. Enjoying this post. Organization is key for back-to-school!

  2. Sounds like you need a trip to IKEA if you like picture 1. Love that store and all the organization options they have (sitting within arm reach of 2 IKEA organizational items).

  3. I am feeling the same way ( feeling the urge to get organized) but just haven't mustered up the strength. I thought the first picture WAS your finished office :)
    If you want an IKEA buddy, we could make a Cincinnati run!

  4. That last saying made me laugh out loud! Love, me

  5. The first picture is from I Heart Organizing. Ironically, it is from reading her blog that I decided to start blogging. I'm like you thinking of ideas and pinning and thinking. I wrote a note to myself...purge. I think I've purged then I start going thru stuff and realize..I have too much junk.

    Check out Jen's site She has such a great personality and has amazing ideas that are very real, but pretty too.


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