Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday (P)inspiration: Back to School

Well, at least for our family it's officially here... Back to School Week. Now I don't know about all you mommas... but as for me, this is always a time of mixed emotions. I just love summer because I honestly enjoy being with my kids all day [even when they drive me nuts]. I love the relaxed summer schedule we get to enjoy ["Moooom... I'm boooored.]. And I am in complete denial that they are growing up and I cannot stop it, or even slow it down [why does the school keep moving them up to higher & higher grades with all those "big kids"... don't they know those are my babies!].

So anyway, just like every other year- it's time for this momma to to deal with the inevitable and get the kiddos ready for their big day! Therefore, I decided to search Pinterest this week for a few good back to school ideas. As usual, it did not disappoint!

Check out this little desk organizer idea from Bee in our Bonnet! I am constantly sending miscellaneous items like hand sanitizer, chapstick and lotion with them... maybe I'll just make them each a little desk organizer [and see how long it takes them to lose every. last. item.].
Here is another great organizational idea... but I'm not thinkn' about school. Instead, I'm thinking about homework stations for home. My goal is to get them out of the kitchen and into the home office for homework this year [a gal can dream... right?!].

Isn't this a cute idea for a chair cover? So cute and completely functional... a great project from Sew, Mamma, Sew!
Here's a cute little lunchbox surprise for the kiddos from The Girl Creative.

I seriously doubt I'll get motivated enough to make it happen, but I do love this gift idea for teachers. Beautiful and yet practical!

While this isn't specifically for school, I think it's a great idea to begin at the beginning of the year. Some days we all just need one or two [or forty-seven] compliments to get the day started-off right! Just tear one off and pass it around :)

Lastly, I'm leaving you with an idea of my own... dinner [I know, nothing but the most cutting-edge, creative ideas shared here on Salvage Savvy]. Seriously- it's not just any dinner, though. Each year I do a big, fancy "Back to School Dinner." I pull-out our best china and the fancy table cloth, our real silver-silverware, the stemware for our iced tea and even little snazzy name plates for each seat. It's a big celebration, and it's just for the kids [I let them choose the food, so it isn't ever a fancy-food feast... there's nothing like eating hotdogs on fine china]! We talk about the up-coming school year and the kids set their personal goals for the year. I really look forward to it each year... so I thought I'd share it with you all too!

What about you... are you ready to send the kids back to school?! Do you have any great ideas and/or rituals to share?


  1. Love the chair cover. I am having trouble finding the pattern on her website. Would you mind giving me the exact search term or a direct link to the pattern. Would love to make for my classroom!!!

  2. I'm glad you told me, because I had trouble finding it too... I did some more research on Pinterest and finally got it! I've corrected the links now :)


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