Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flea Market: Not just for fleas [anymore]...

so move over, fleas cuz' you've got some competition: Bed Bugs. Yikes. They are seriously putting a damper on my thrifting these days. I mean, come on- thrift stores are so. not. glamorous. anyway. [exciting, yes. glamorous, no]. But I just love them so much that I've learned to accept the [well, let's just say interesting] people and the less-than-sanitary conditions, but now the idea of potentially bringing those nasty bugs home is just gross.
Well, I purchased my first upholstered piece [since bed bugs have made their big "come-back" anyway] last week and it's still sitting in the garage because I'm scared of it [no, not because it's ugly- despite what my super hero hubby & daughter say]! I really want to get started on its rehab, but I just can't.
Soooo, I did a little internet research, and here's what I found: basically, unless I pull the item completely apart and inspect each groove, I really can't be positive that it's bug-free. Well, here's my delimma- if I pull this beauty apart, I might not be able to get her back together [ever]. I've inspected. I've vacuumed. I've prayed. I've taken a bit of it apart... and found no evidence of any bugs, so now what?! At what point do I trust it to be alright? Am I a victim of our news media [which tends to over-inflate problems for ratings], or am I crazy to have even purchased it? Are you now leary of bed bugs when thrifting? If you have any thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions on the topic I'd love to hear them!!


  1. I know that this is not fool proof, but I heard when traveling to check your hotel bed for them you can take a hair dryer set on high and point it at the mattress. Something about the heat is suppose to make them come out. I don't know if that works or not, but you could try...
    Your not the only one paranoid about that little problem either!!
    I don't bring anything home with fabric!

  2. Are you looking for just bugs or fecal leftover stains? Just like a spider droppings, bed bugs leave a similar special gift. I to am paranoid about this and had to look it up after a recent stay where the hubs declared something made him itch.

    Perhaps sitting it in the scorching sun we have everyday could help.

  3. All I know is I am now re-thinking re-upholstering used chairs! I thought of mattresses...why didn't I think of chairs? I'm itching all over! Thanks....sorta'. ; ) Love, Me

  4. My sister is a worldwide traveler for her job. She always keeps her luggage outside in the garage for a day or two in winter. It seems to work for her. Not sure what to do in summer?
    Thanks for hopping by Connie!
    Love your blog!

  5. Get a giant plastic bag and put the chair in a bag, spray some of that bed bug spray, close it and leave it sealed for a week. I'd feel OK about it after doing that.

  6. Thanks everyone! I did look for droppings as well & didn't find any, and I left it out in the serious heat for a couple days... the bag idea is good too, I'm just so impatient. I want to get started today!!!

  7. I just bought a sleeper sofa from a thrift, so, no, bed bug scare hasn't stopped me. But this store was clean! Owner said it's law here (CT) they have to deep clean anything upholstered, the sofa looks new. Try steam cleaning it.


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