Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly [I can't believe I'm showing this...]

See my fancy new button?!? Not just anybody gets one of these bad-boys [well, technically I guess anyone could get one… but that would just be pitiful to post an un-earned button, right?!]. And I earned this one, baby!! I submitted the zebra striped table to the CSI Project last week and it made the top 10! Here’s what makes it super great for me- the blogger gal whose blog inspired me to begin blogging was the judge… Mandi from Vintage Revivals!! I discovered her on Nate Berkus’ website [if you remember, he’s one of my faves]. She had been on his show for House Proud, and I just instantly liked her. So you see… the fact that she put me in the top 10 just makes me smile, it’s almost as if Nate himself liked it too [ok, it isn’t like that at all but just let a gal dream!]. Thanks Mandi and thank you to the CSI Girls for hosting the contest! I am posting this button with pride.


Now, onto the next order of business, are you wondering how the Mega Mini Office is going? Well, here’s my update- “Eeeeek, it’s never going to be finished!” [How is that for inspirational blogging?] I am doing project after project [after project]. It is coming together… just slowly. And last week I was organizing, throwing away and donating a ton of stuff from the old office… nothing exciting to blog about [but sooooo necessary]. Here's one example of what I've been [pulling my hair out over] dealing with trying to empty-out the old office.

I’m sharing this picture [because I enjoy embarrassing myself] because it only seems fair. You see, I’ve shared so many photos of beautiful spaces in my house… and I just don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea. It’s not always fabulous and pulled together here in the Salvage Savvy household [insert super hero hubby's laughter here]! My office was BAD… which is why I am really putting alot of time and thought into the organization of my new [much smaller] office. And I am getting rid of anything that will stand in my way! My closing statement for this post: "With God as my witness I shall never have a messy office again." [please pray for me folks!].

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  1. LOL! Can't wait to see it when it all comes together :)


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