Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Advice Friday #6- How to convince your Husband...

Sorry there was no question last Friday… [If you actually noticed that it was missing then you are a rock-star Salvage Savvy reader… Rock ON my friend!!] I have decided to start doing these posts on the second Friday of each month rather than each week. Therefore, after today the next one will be on July 8th.
Alright, now on to the business of the day: today’s question is from Melissa and she has a problem. She loves this duvet from Pottery Barn, but her husband does not [he feels that it is too feminine]. Melissa asked if I have any suggestions on how to persuade him that this duvet would look great in their room.

Well Melissa, I really don’t [I know, big help, right?!]. Truthfully, it is a bit “girlie,” but it is very, very pretty and certainly not over-the-top. I would recommend finding the middle ground [which means compromise]. One possible option would be to use a coordinating solid-color duvet and then incorporate this fabric into your pillows and/or sheets. Or, you can use the fabric as a detail somewhere in the room. Purchase a single flat sheet and use it for a project [wrap a canvas to make it artwork, cover a lampshade with it, frame 4 different areas of it and create a gallery wall, wrap a bulletin board, add it to curtains as a boarder, etc.]. Another compromise idea is to use the duvet, but then hang a sports poster or something else manly above the bed to balance things out [yeaaaa- totally kidding, don't do that].

One last idea... just buy it but don't open the package [ throw it in your closet with the receipt and wait]. What are you waiting for? You are are waiting for Pottery Barn to release its next catalog... whenever I buy something from them I end-up liking next season's stuff better anyway! Then, you can return your purchase and [hopefully] he'll like next season's duvet better too!!


  1. LOL! I was like I know she's not serious! Too funny. I love this duvet too, but know my hubby would hate it for the same reason. Another idea would be to use a solid color quilt and use this as the accent like they do in the magazine....I guess sort of an expensive decoration...but at least it would get it in the room. ;)

  2. I think it's beatiful- but then I'm a woman. I wonder if he'd think it was masculine if it had fish on it instead of flowers and butterflies! LOL. I have no advice because I have one of those hubby's who let's me decorate as I want - which could account for why we've been married for 50 years this next month!

  3. My advice - she who makes the bed is allowed to have a say in the decor. :)

  4. My heart goes out to Melissa- this is a beautiful duvet! Maybe her husband could make her some sort of manly headboard as a compromise?

  5. Good luck on getting the hubby to join your decor team! But Salvage Savvy Gal you make me laugh! The sports poster over the bed idea still has me giggling!


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