Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding Inspiration... Window Treatments

First of all... can you believe it?! Two more features... wow!! My DIY Pillow Project was featured @ Nifty Thrifty on Sunday! Thanks Vanessa!

And Jamie @ C.R.A.F.T. also featured it on M.M.M. Day's party. I couldn't be more pleased, thank you ladies!!


Well... I am still working on my mega mini office makeover, folks [Do you have any idea how much time is added to a project when you factor in a 5 month old baby girl and 2 kids off school for the summer?! Well, I have an idea... LOTS! And I'm loving every minute of it!]. Soooo, today I am looking at window treatments for my office... cuz' I don't have any... and I need some.

I always need inspiration in this department because I'm just not a big "fan" of fancy curtains, which means if I'm not careful, my window treatments end-up looking a little... plain. Here are several really pretty ones that I found at House Beautiful. Now I just have to decide what will look best in my office... and what I can achieve on my super-thrifty budget! In the meantime, come dream with me!

I tend to gravitate toward roman shades. These are done beautifully and I love, love the pattern. I also like how the two panels work together side-by-side.

These are beautiful because the construction is simple, but the fabric is amazing.

These are interesting because they are two curtains in which the fabric has been overlaid. What a great idea... how can I incorporate it into my curtains? Hmmm...

The print on these curtains caught my eye. It reminds me of the print I painted on my table [Painted Zebra Stripe Foyer Table]. I like a little funky patterns now and then to spice-up a room, but they must be what I call "sophisticated funk" and this is perfect!
Well, enough dreaming. Now I must take some action! Which curtains do you like the best??


  1. i LOVE the zebra print ones! they are my favorite by far!

  2. I really love the zebra one! Gorgeous!!

  3. I like the roman shades or the two toned. Very nice!

    And yes, I know how hard it is to get anything done with a baby and two kids!! CRAZY!!

  4. It really is crazy-hard getting anything done, Kele! I feel like my days are about 5 hours shorter now that the kids are out of school!!


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