Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Come See My Organizational Bliss!

My Mega Mini Office Makeover is slowly taking shape! Today I'm sharing with you fine folks the brains & brawn of my room... what I affectionately refer to as, "The Great Wall of Organization." But first, [in order to build the anticipation] please let me introduce you to the [rag-tag] bunch of organizational items that I used to create this fantastic wall [please don't be jealous... I know it's awesome stuff]! I used several baskets that I've had, some shelves that the owners of our first home left behind [yea... not nice enough to make it onto their moving truck!], two old file cabinets that I purchased from the Goodwill [one was $7.99 and the other was $9.99... not sure what made it $2 more!], and a slab door that was $22.

I purchased paint, paint [and more paint]. Then I began painting. And I kept painting. Then I painted some more. Finally, I did a couple other projects [stay tuned for those...]. And here's my Great Wall of Organizational Bliss!!

Alright, so here's what I love about it. It is 100% functional but not stuffy, boring or cluttered. Also, I've left myself "room to grow."

Those baskets on the shelves are empty, the file cabinets aren't completely full, and the bench seat is empty [at least as of this moment anyway!].

I can also add shelving above the desk area in the future if necessary. Here's the thing: we all know that "stuff" finds its way into offices, so I have included little hidden spaces for that "stuff." Consider it a designer's pre emptive strike on crap!

Next, I made sure that there was uncluttered [as of now... hee, hee] desk space. This office is for the whole family, so there will be multiple people and/or computers in here, and lets face it... long flat surfaces are precious commodities. This is a little "extra" space that I was able to carve out and it may just end-up being the best seat in the house! Finally, I am sooo pleased with my oversized bulletin and chalk boards [as you can see, the kids found the chalk!]. For some reason [I blame it on my kids] my ability to remember anything is gone... therefore, I desperately need to write everything down [I know, sad.]. And now I can do it in style!!

Yay! One wall is done... now I just need to finish the remaining 4!


  1. The office is coming together nicely. Great job.

  2. It looks great! I need to put mine together in a BAD way. I have like 3 piles of papers in 3 different places. They need a home! Love how all of those pieces came together so well with a little paint!

  3. Thanks Sarah! I completely understand... I had way more than 3 piles of papers so you're really not doing too bad, haha :)

  4. Pre-emptive strike on crap! I love it! Looks so awesome!! Very creative and amazing!

  5. love your talent :)

  6. LOVE this project! It's so beautiful. Megan


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