Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Feature!.. and some venting...and an apology.

First and foremost, I want to say thanks to Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims for featuring my DIY Pillow!! I am honored each time an awesome blogger likes my "stuff," so thank very much... I'm all smiles about it!

Next, I'm venting because for the past week Blogger hasn't allowed me to comment on blogs... not even my own! It keeps signing me out; therefore, when I attempt to leave a comment it thinks I'm being some creepy anonymous person and won't post it. So, so, so [so] frustrating.

And that leads me to my apology. I have had so many kind, sweet, thoughful and encouraging comments from people and I can't respond. URG [double urg]. I'm sorry that I haven't responded, I promise that I've spent hours and hours of my life this week attempting to figure out what's happening. But so far no luck [obviously].

The good news is that I can still post... they haven't taken that away from me [yet]!

And BTW- if you're reading this and have any advice on the whole comment situation, I'd love to hear it... I am soooo open to suggestions.


  1. Happy to hear of your feature on "My Girlish Whims". And sorry to hear about Blogger. That is a bummer!! Hope it all works out!

  2. Thanks Karen! Look... I'm leaving a comment... on my own blog, yay!! I think I solved the problem :)

  3. That has happened to me. I'll complain about something not working on my blog and then when I check it magically works. I'm thinking maybe I was too tired the first time..there has to be a good excuse right?


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