Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Mega Mini Office Makeover

Do you remember the island of misfit toys from the Christmas classic Rudolph? Well, welcome to my island of misfit furniture. Without a real purpose, this room has drifted into my own personal Goodwill Store [all of this is stuff is either going to or coming from there]. And I even cleaned the room up for you [well, I actually just piled-up a bunch of frames, vases and other crap behind me then threw them back in the room after the photo]. Not a good thing. BUT… not for long!
This sad little room is going to become my new office. And, [as the eternal optimist] I am determined that even though it’s very much smaller than my current office, it will be more organized and more efficient. Currently my home office looks as if it’s been ransacked, so I’m dreaming big here [if I succeed in this one I'll become an official design ninja].
Anyway, so far I’ve [the collective “I” that includes my super hero hubby] cleared out the room [so much better already] and I [the non-collective "I" because I did it all by myself] painted. Here’s a sneak-peak. Yes, it’s a bit dark for such a small room. Yes, I have a plan. Yes, you’ll have to check in frequently to see how it all works out!
And of course I'm doing all this on a small budget, which means I’ve got sooooo many DIY projects for this room lined-up [hint, you've already seen one, the Vera Wang inspired pillow is going in here] and ready to blog about! So stay-tuned for my Mega Mini Office Makeover [oooo, I like the sound of that…. I think I have officially found my title for this project. I’m totally going to make that today’s post title]!!


  1. After seeing everything you have done, I look forward to seeing the completed room. I bet it will be gorgeous....

    I also saw the pillow you did a few days ago. If you get a chance, I'd love to have you link it up to my themed polka dot party.


    Take care,

  2. So how was your mega mini office makeover project? You said that you will be doing that on a small budget. Hopefully, you were successful on those tasks. Post new pictures please. :)


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